Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness serves as the official source of institutional information for the University community and relevant decision-makers through analytical support and coordination of continuous review, evaluation and improvement in teaching, administrative and operational activities.

Institutional Research & Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness facilitates the collection, analysis and interpretation of institutional data to help support planning and decision-making. It is the clearinghouse and repository of information about the University and reports institutional information to external agencies.

What We Do

The Office supports academic programs and administrative services through:

  • Degree inventory and program review;
  • Routine and ad hoc state and federal reporting;
  • Periodic and recurring data inquiries;
  • Outcome assessment audit review and validation;
  • Survey design, analysis and reporting;
  • Strategic plan benchmarking and accountability measurement;
  • Enrollment planning and management;
  • Student assessment of instruction administration and reporting; and
  • Acting as the repository of institutional information and data steward of the data warehouse.

Professional Standards

The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness at Florida Polytechnic University complies with the Code of Ethics established by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) and adopted by its membership in 1992 (updated in 2013). The Office complies with the privacy provisions set forth in the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) enacted by the U.S. Congress. The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness is the clearinghouse and official reporting office for information about Florida Polytechnic University.


  • Kevin Calkins, Director Institutional Research
  • Thomas Dvorske, Director Institutional Effectiveness
  • Jhojana Infante, Assistant Director, Institutional Research

Data and Information Request

To obtain data and information from Florida Polytechnic University OIRE, complete and submit an electronic data request via our Request Desk.

Requester must at all times provide a purpose and detailed description of the data/research request when submitting the electronic data form, as well as all requester’s contact information. 3–5 business days must be allowed for requests. Advance notice for anticipated data/information will be appreciated.

For Request Desk Quick Guide, Click Here.

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