Around Florida Poly in 60 Seconds

‘Around Florida Poly in 60 Seconds,’ is a monthly video series that is narrated by President Dr. Randy K. Avent. These videos are designed to inform the university’s employees, students and stakeholders of monthly Florida Poly news. Avent also shares this information real time on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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November 2019

Published December 3, 2019.

October 2019

Published November 12, 2019.

September 2019

Published October 4, 2019.

August 2019

Published September 19, 2019.

July 2019

Published August 6, 2019.

June 2019

Published July 1, 2019.

May 2019

Published June 4, 2019.

Hello, everyone. I’m bringing you around Florida Poly in 60 seconds. We graduated our second four-year class. Almost 300 students received degrees and will now take on the high-tech world. We look forward to the remarkable strides these students will make. 

Summer is here and students are pursuing exciting internships. Like junior Geoffrey Doback who will be helping build rocket engines at NASA in Alabama. 

And Florida Poly researchers are working to help the citrus industry. Dr. Mohammad Abid and his students developed an algorithm for early detection of citrus greening.

Congratulation to alumni Anita Silwal for receiving the “She Know What She Wants Award” which celebrates women for mentoring girls and young women.

We also congratulate professor Dr. Grisselle Centeno who was selected to the prestigious ELATES program that advances women faculty in STEM disciplines. We are thrilled to see her grow at Florida Poly through this unique experience. 

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April 2019

Published May 14, 2019

Hi everyone, I’m bringing you around Florida Poly in 60 seconds. We started April with exciting news. Our Advanced Mobility Institute joined TelTech University in Estonia. These collaborations continue to position Florida Poly as a leader in autonomous vehicle technology. Dozens of students showcased their video game creations during the spring game Expo. Industry leaders were on hand to evaluate the
games as our students provided a glimpse at the future of eSports. We held our annual employee award ceremony ABLAZE. Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners. We’re grateful to our faculty of staff for their commitment to our University. We also celebrated Founders Day by recognizing Saddle Creek Logistics services with our first ChangeMaker Award. Saddle Creek’s partnership and philanthropic support of a Florida Poly education possible for many students. And a week before final students found time to de-stress and
have some fun. Events were held every day during Spirit Week to promote wellness with positive distractions.

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March 2019

Published April 5, 2019

Hi everyone, I’m bringing you around Florida Poly in 60 seconds.

We unveiled new renderings for our new Applied Research Center. It will be another iconic building that will provide need laboratory and research space.

Speaking about research, we are proud of the advancements Florida Poly is doing in the area of autonomous vehicles. Recently, Dr. Arman Sargolzaei received a grant for cyber-physical systems.

An incredible win for Florida Poly junior Christian Lomenzo. He was crowned the EA Madden NFL champion after beating the odds and rising to the top in overtime. Great job Lomenzo.

And we had a wonderful time during our first Phoenix Family Day and fifth Florida Poly Pi Run. Parents had the chance to see student projects first hand and enjoy the traditional 3.14-mile race.

And we hosted our fifth Florida PolyCon. With 1800 people coming to celebrate geek culture here at Florida Poly.

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February 2019

Published March 17, 2019 

Hi everyone, I’m bringing you Around Florida Poly in 60 Seconds.

Our Fulbright program continues to bloom. A delegation from Florida Poly visited Australia to formalize our agreement. This allows our University to accept students and faculty from down under beginning next fall.

Congratulations to our Florida Poly hackers. Hundreds of college students from across Florida participated in Hack-Riddle a 24-hour hackathon. Our students proved to be the best rising to the top fro the first place prize.

Eleven of our students received the prestigious HAYS travel award this year. This award is given by the Florida Academy of Science for them to present their research projects at an annual conference.

We welcomed girls from middle schools to celebrate International Women and Girls in Science. The students learned more about STEM through hands-on activities.

And Florida Poly’s career and internship fair reached new heights. More than 50 companies came to campus looking for our highly sought after students.

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January 2019

Published February 8, 2019 

I’m bringing you around Florida Poly in 60 seconds. 2019 began with exciting news. The university administration and faculty union reached a historic collective bargaining agreement which was approved unanimously. We are thrilled to move forward together, always making our students a priority.

January was national mentoring month. I want to thank all who go above and beyond to become mentors helping our students in a way that is unique to our university.

Congratulations to professor Dr. Robert Austin and students they are making great strides in there NATO funded research to improve radiation detectors for national security.

We welcome Fulbright Belgium and Luxembourg official Erica Lutes. This partnership is one of many Florida Poly has developed to create more international exchanges.

And we are getting ready for PIVOT Florida Poly’s premier event on March 9th to celebrate the support of so many who believe in this university. For more information go to our website.

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November 2018

Published December 15, 2018

It’s time to bring you Around Florida Poly in 60 seconds. November was quite a busy month. We announced an exciting collaboration between our Advanced Mobility Institute and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority. Partnerships like these keep positions Florida Poly as a leader in Autonomous vehicle technology.

We continue to strengthen our connection with the industry through our Capstone design program coordinated by Professor Matt Boem. This year-long project provides our students with practice in real-world problem-solving.

And many of these students have these opportunities thanks to donors like Professor Muhammad Rashid and his wife Fatema. Their endowed scholarship inspired by the game of chess help students pursue their STEM education here at Florida Poly.

Students from more than 20 countries proudly call Florida Poly “home,” and we recognized them during International Education Week. The diversity of cultures and perspectives they bring to our campus contributes greatly to University excellence.

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October 2018

Published November 1, 2018

It’s time to bring you Around Florida Poly in 60 seconds. We officially released Florida Poly 2.0, the blueprint for the future of our University. This five-year strategic plan includes a new mission and vision, key priorities, and plan for a research park adjacent to campus. We are excited to continue to position ourselves as a premier 100% STEM university.

We continue our commitment to diversity as we celebrated LGBTQ+ History Month, as well as, Hispanic Heritage Month, with multiple events on campus.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We congratulate Professor Karim Elish for his recent grant from the Florida Center for Cybersecurity. Lastly, I want to recognize university police officer Tommie Jackson for his recent life-saving efforts. Our University police force are determined and committed to public safety and making us extremely proud.

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September 2018

Published October 1, 2018

Welcome to “Around Florida Poly” in 60 seconds…

We are excited to announce the creation of our Advanced Mobility Institute, AMI is a research center focused on autonomous vehicle technology. SunTrax is one of Florida Poly’s most important partnerships, and we look forward to working together to make AV technology a reality in Florida.

We are honored to meet with senators Wilton Simpson and Dennis Bexley and representative Byron Donalds. We shared our goals of creating a high-tech economy her in the state.

We welcomed four new members to Florida Poly’s Foundation Board. Phillipa Greenberg, Jack Harrell, Michael Lawley, and Marlene O’Toole are strong advocates and we are fortunate to have them.

September 15 marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. I had a lot of fun building a piñata with students. We celebrate the many contributions Hispanics have made to the success of our university.

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August 2018

Published August 4, 2018

It’s time to bring you around Florida Poly in 60 seconds. As we all know August started out on a tragic note when we lost a member of our Florida Poly family. This incredible loss impacted each of us in profound ways and we continue to offer our sympathy and support to everyone touched by this tragedy. As we begin a new semester and continue to move forward I want to make sure you know that there are services available for our entire university community. For more information go to or go to the new app.

Yes, I did say our new app. Florida Poly Mobile provides student, faculty, staff and the general community everything they need to know about Florida Poly on the go. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.

We started an exciting partnership with Draken International where several of our students are doing internships developing new software for their new fire jets and improve their supply chain logistics.

I really enjoyed welcoming student back to campus and helping them move into the residence halls. We are looking forward to another exceptional year of growth and achievements by our students and faculty. And now you are in the loop.


July 2018

Published July 31, 2018

It’s time to bring you Around Florida Poly in 60 Seconds. Dozens of underserved elementary and middle school students discovered the fun in STEM at the Day for Dreamers camp thanks to Florida Poly faculty, staff, and students.

We also hosted the Green, Chemistry, Engineering, and Technology conference with India’s Panjab University. Leaders in academia, industry, and government discussed the latest research and development in green technologies.

I was delighted to welcome state representative Amy Mercado and her father state representative Victor Torres to campus. We appreciate their support and commitment to higher education.

Florida Poly was a part of an event that recognized the 50 Fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay. Industry partners play a critical role and we value every partnership we have with businesses.

And our students are showing their Florida Poly pride as they explore the world this summer. Have safe travels and we will see you soon. And now you’re in the loop!

June 2018

Publish Date: July 2, 2018

May 2018

Publish Date: June 1, 2018

April 2018


Publish Date: May 1, 2018