Do Your Part

Mitigating the spread of the virus is a shared responsibility. While the University is taking informed, intentional actions to create a healthy environment, we will only be successful in this effort if every person on campus responsibly follows the plan.

Face Coverings

Health officials agree that face coverings can reduce transmission of COVID-19. The use of face coverings in all shared areas on campus is required. A reusable cloth face covering has been provided to faculty, staff, and students along with instruction on how to wear and take care of it.

All employees and students should wear face coverings at all times while on campus, unless alone in an office with the door closed. Individuals may remove their face covering if they are outdoors and can maintain a distance of at least six feet between themselves and others.

Health Monitoring

Individuals are expected to monitor their personal health status daily and should not come to campus if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Temperature kiosks have been installed across campus to support the campus community in understanding their personal health status. The campus also is engaged in an ongoing health campaign to reinforce awareness of each person’s personal wellness responsibility.

Individuals are expected to self-isolate if they are in non-incidental direct contact with anyone who tests positive for COVID-19. Isolation rooms have been identified in the residence halls.

All Florida Poly community members are required to report if they test positive for COVID-19 or if they are self-isolating due to suspected or known exposure to COVID-19. Reporting can be done by emailing CARE or completing the COVID-19 Reporting Form.

Personal Hygiene

Washing hands often with soap and water is considered best practice for controlling the spread of the virus and should become part of a person’s routine. Hand sanitizer stations are also available throughout campus. The CDC states that good hand hygiene and avoiding touching the face are generally sufficient rather than using additional protective equipment like gloves and face shields. 

Surface Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitation are a highly critical part of Florida Poly’s plan for successful on-campus operations. The University’s regular cleaning and disinfecting schedule has been reviewed and updated to ensure all University facilities, research equipment and laboratories, and public spaces are cleaned and sanitized according to CDC guidelines.

Specific attention in the campus cleaning and sanitation review has focused on:

  1. Minimizing exposure to potential hazards
  2. Reviewing space and cleaning needs to align with category of usage
  3. Frequency and type of cleaning performed