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Dr. Kanwalinderjit Gagneja

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Florida Poly students aim to reduce drowsy and distracted driving

Two students at Florida Poly sitting in front of a computer

New research by Florida Poly faculty and students has the goal of detecting and preventing the growing problem of drowsy and distracted driving, one of the main causes of car accidents and fatalities on the roads. The project, under the guidance of Dr. Kanwal Gagneja, assistant professor of computer science, uses a microcomputer, a camera, and a buzzer. The camera aims at the driver’s face to detect if they’re closing their eyes often.

Hospital Network Target of Cyber Security Competition

A recent competition at Florida Polytechnic University tested students’ ability to find vulnerabilities in a hospital’s network. The Medical Offensive Security Competition was a student-led event that combined the concentrations of Health Informatics and Cyber Security. Electronic healthcare records and medical devices, like other computer systems, are vulnerable to security breaches that impact the safety […]