Ablaze Award Categories  

Excellence in Teaching

The Excellence in Teaching Award is designed to encourage, reward, and publicly acknowledge sustained excellence in teaching by members of the University’s faculty. The award recognizes excellence in teaching practices that reflect the highest standards in pedagogy, a record of outstanding teaching effectiveness within and outside the classroom, the ability to inspire, promote, and sustain the intellectual development of students, course and program development, fostering of critical thinking, and independent inquiry of students.

To be eligible, a candidate must hold a full-time faculty position at Florida Polytechnic University, and must have served in that position for a minimum of two full semesters. Faculty members may not submit themselves for consideration for recognition.

A recipient will not be eligible to receive the award again in any of the four years following the year in which they receive an award. Those nominated during a year they are ineligible to win may defer such nominations and apply in the fifth year after the year in which they won, and only with evidence of continued teaching excellence.

Teaching Portfolio
Each nominee who wishes to be considered for the award must provide supporting material to help the Teaching Award Selection Committee evaluate their nomination. This material should be organized carefully in portfolio form and submitted to the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President. Portfolios will be forwarded to the Teaching Award Selection Committee for review.

Materials submitted should include:

  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy (Maximum length: three pages)
    A statement of the nominee’s teaching philosophy similar to those typically found in teaching portfolios, job applications, and promotion dossiers. This statement should include summary information about things such as innovative teaching practices, instructional materials developed, new courses developed, major course improvement projects, or grants or awards relating to teaching, that illustrate or exemplify the philosophy.
  • FARE Forms
    FARE forms from the past two years. Summer FARE forms can also be included if available for these two years.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • One recommendation letter from a current Florida Poly faculty or staff member.
    • One recommendation letter from a current Florida Poly student. Letters must not exceed two pages in length.
  • Student Course Evaluation Reports
    The nominee’s SCE executive summary reports from both spring 2021 and fall 2021 academic semesters will be generated by the Institutional Research department. Faculty do not submit this with their portfolio.

All materials should be grouped together into a single PDF document allowing some exception for materials in alternate media, and the entire document should not exceed nine pages.

[At the close of nominations, an email will be sent to each nominee re-stating the above portfolio requirements as well as instructions on who the portfolio should be emailed to and how the letters of recommendation are to be submitted.]