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Florida Poly is the state’s only all-STEM public university with degree programs and curriculum closely aligned to industry needs. By collaborating with a diverse range of high-tech industry, partners directly benefit from the university's talent pipeline by supporting capstone projects, internships, and direct engagement with students at career events and on-campus activities.


#1 Public College in the Southeast U.S.

#1 Public College in the Southeast U.S.

Top 20 Public Engineering Program without a Ph.D.

Top 20 Public Engineering Program without a Ph.D.

#2 Best Value Public College in the Southeast U.S.

#2 Best Value Public College in the Southeast U.S.

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As Florida Polytechnic University has experienced meteoric growth during its first 10 years of operation, so has the University’s academic, economic, and societal impact throughout the state. By focusing exclusively on STEM, Florida Poly is cementing itself as the state’s top resource of career-ready professionals prepared to excel in engineering and applied sciences. Our graduates of targeted, industry-aligned degree programs immediately begin contributing to the high-wage, low-supply jobs in great need throughout the state.

Florida Poly enjoys strong partnerships and collaboration with high-tech industry partners ranging from nimble local startups to storied global giants. Many of these employers directly benefit from the University’s talent pipeline by sponsoring capstone projects and internships, and directly engaging with students through career events, hosted days on campus, and more.

Employers, like Fortune 500 company IFF, are also engaging with the University’s outstanding faculty and exceptional students to collaborate on cutting-edge research. As Florida Poly’s first high-tech partner on campus, IFF will soon open its doors to a 30,000-square-foot, standalone building to facilitate hands-on internships and job opportunities for students. This partnership serves as the catalyst for the realization of the envisioned research park where private companies and academic researchers come together to foster innovation. 

Florida Poly welcomes new partnerships and is dedicated to achieving common goals that contribute to a powerful impact throughout the state, region, and world.




With an emphasis on hands-on education, one hundred percent of Florida Poly students obtain real-world industry experience in their field of study through its required internship program. Florida Poly’s industry partners tap into this high-skilled talent pool by providing paid and unpaid internship opportunities.

Meet a few of our Florida Poly students and their internship experiences and find out how to establish internships at your company. 

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Students presenting their capstone design project.

Capstone Projects 

Florida Poly’s Capstone Design course sequence provides students with the opportunity to work with real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges proposed by industrial and research project sponsors. 

Students work in single and multidisciplinary teams, guided by project sponsors, to develop a wide range of solutions to current industry problems such as:

  • A planetary rover testbed for Florida Space Institute and NASA Kennedy
  • Supply chain optimization using machine learning and data analytics
  • A next generation industrial autonomous robotic lawn mower
  • A host of problem sets from the DOD and the National Security Innovation Network

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Students talking with employers at a career fair.

Talent Pipeline

As the state’s only all-STEM public university, Florida Poly is fulfilling its mission and connecting students with employers in need of STEM professionals.

Execute your Talent Acquisition Strategy on campus:

  • Hire Florida Poly’s high-skilled, STEM-focused students for full-time careers
  • Participate in Florida Poly Career Fairs
  • Host your own recruitment events at Florida Poly
  • Promote your available positions at Florida Poly

Meet a few of Florida Poly's recent grads and how they are making an impact in a variety of leading tech companies. 
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Students working on a research project.


Renowned University researchers partner with industry and tech leaders to advance knowledge and technology in growing, high-demand fields. Research
collaboration produces results for your company.
Research at Florida Poly is improving lives and changing businesses. Faculty are eager to work with your company to facilitate collaborations and identify research opportunities. 
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Corporate Impact Network

Florida Poly students and faculty are sought after by industry leaders for their knowledge of futuristic innovation, science, and technology. The Corporate Impact Network engages these external relationships providing access to students and faculty, while helping to advance Florida Poly’s mission. The network provides a pathway to partnerships with foundations and corporations through effective corporate engagement strategies.

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