Ablaze Award Categories 

Pinnacle Award

This award is the highest honor a Florida Polytechnic University employee can receive. Consideration of names are welcome through the online portal on the right side of this page. The University President and his Cabinet select the award recipient.

People who rise to the top do so through hard work, commitment, and excellence. Their success is defined by service and a generosity of spirit and have a lasting impact in whatever they do. They elevate the people around them, the communities in which they live, the divisions in which they work and the customers whom they serve. In doing so, they bring honor to Florida Poly as a member of the University family.

This award recognizes an individual staff and/or faculty member who has:

  • Made a significant impact on the University through demonstration of competence, dedication, outstanding performance, problem-solving, customer service and ingenuity;
  • Exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and University constituents;
  • Performed at a level above and beyond normal job requirements