ITN: Invitation To Negotiate

ITN 09-003 ESL Services
ITN 09-002 Logo Development
ITN 15-001 Creative Services
ITN 15TM-122 Off-Campus Student Housing Solutions
ITN 15-002 Sale of Miscellaneous IT Equipment and Electronics
ITN 15-003 Event Services
ITN 15-004 Workday Implementation Partner
ITN 16RL-113 Theatre Rental Services
ITN 16-009 X-Ray Diffraction Analysis System
ITN 16-018 Digital Billboard
ITN 16-023 Workday Student Implementation Partner
ITN 16-025 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer System
ITN 16-026 University Dining Operations Management
ITN 16-027 DMA – DSC
ITN 16-029 Investment Advisory Services
ITN 16-030 Equipment Financing Program
ITN for Investment Advisory and Management Services
ITN 18-003 Creative Services Solicitation
ITN 18-006 International Student Recruitment Services – CANCELLED
ITN-18-002 Beverage Pouring Rights

ITN 18-010 International Student Recruitment

ITN 18-011 Website Design


RFP: Requests For Proposals

RFP 16-003 Wireless Networking Expansion
RFP 16-004 Printing Services
RFP 16-005 Promotional Product
RFP 16-005 Promotional Products Revised
RFP 16-007 Health Informatics Lab System & Storage
RFP 16-019 Office Supplies and Products
RFP 16-024 Student Connect Solutions
RFQ 16-028 ARC Center Design Services
RFP 17-001 International Student Recruitment
RFP 17-002 General Office Supplies & Products
RFP 17-003 Emergency Call Towers Enhancement
RFP 17-004 Network Infrastructure Support
RFP 18-008 Waste & Recycling Management


RFSOQ 2013-001 Residential Housing
Grounds Maintenance ITB
Construction Manager Continued Service Provider
ITB 16-021 Mosquito Control Services
Sole Source Notice for Auroral LLC
Sole Source Notice for Evolution Labs
RFI 18-004 P3 Mixed Use Building Development