Registrar Forms


At Florida Polytechnic University there are times when managing your academic records require manual interaction and assistance by the Registrar’s Office. To facilitate these interactions, we use forms to help us ensure policies are understood, approvals are received, expectations are met, and documentation is recorded.

Why are signatures required before forms can be processed?

On face value, a signature can represent that approval was given for a transaction to occur, but moreover, a signature is a representation that a conversation took place and an understanding was reached by two or more parties. If a form requires a signature from a specific person or department it is because there is an important conversation that needs to take place before action is taken. We want to make sure students are receiving every opportunity to make an informed decision before submitting a form that may impact the remainder of their academic career.

Many of our forms are configured for digital signatures. You can view this document if you need assistance setting up your digital signature.

Registrar Forms Listed Alphabetically