Student Business Services

About Student Business Services

Student Business Services serves Florida Polytechnic University students by maintaining accurate financial records and communicating with students about their accounts. The office is responsible for tuition and fee assessment/refunds, processing payments, and the collection of past due accounts. Student Business Services is located in the Wellness Center.

Tuition & Fee Statements

Students may access their ledger 24/7 on their Cams account or at the office during regular business hours. The Invoice and/or Ledger includes all tuition and fee charges and payments associated with the account. Students are encouraged to review their ledger statement prior to payment, once after initial registration and any time changes are made to initial registration to ensure fees are adjusted accordingly. Statements are not mailed.

Tuition & Fees

Fee Payment Deadlines

Tuition and fees must be paid by the published dates. The University reserves the right to assess late fees and cancel classes for any tuition and fees not paid by the payment deadline. For fee payment deadlines, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Tuition & Fee Payments

Payment must be received no later than the fee payment deadline, as specified on the Academic Calendar. Payments must be submitted by mail, in-person at the office, or made online via their Cams account. Payments cannot be accepted by telephone.

Past Due Accounts

Students are responsible for meeting all financial aid obligations to the University. The University reserves the right to withhold registration, diploma and transcripts due to failure to meet obligations. If deemed necessary, the University may seek the services of a professional collection agency and recourse through the courts. The debtor is responsible for all collection costs, including attorney’s fees. Do not assume your registration will be canceled if you fail to pay fees or attend classes. Tuition deferrals, for example, will prevent class cancellation for non-payment.

Florida Prepaid Program

Florida Prepaid is a state administered program managed by the Florida Prepaid College Board. Florida Prepaid plans are Educational Savings Plans that are purchased on behalf of a student to be used at an educational institution. Several plans are offered which entitles the student to a set number of credits.

Contact Information

Student Business Services

Wellness Center, 4550 Polytechnic Circle, Lakeland, FL 33805