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Message from the President

Florida Polytechnic University was founded in 2012 on the visionary idea that a technology-rich, industry-inspired education will prepare students to be lifetime employable. At Florida Poly, students learn to push the boundaries of traditional learning and receive the hands-on education needed to become high-tech leaders, doers, engineers and entrepreneurs. Florida Poly immerses students in core STEM subjects and an entrepreneurial environment that mirrors the dynamic high-tech marketplace.

Key to Florida Poly’s development are the many contributors whose generosity supports the University’s scholarships and innovative mission. On behalf of the entire University community, I want to express my appreciation to the Foundation Board and the many business and individual donors who know that Florida Polytechnic University is a great investment for our community, our state and our students.

As an institution of higher learning focused on advancing technology and our state’s economy, it is critical that Florida Poly meets the issues of today while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow. Working together, faculty, staff, students, industry partners and our community are building a culture of collaboration, problem-solving and innovation. This is the foundation on which our future will be based.


Dr. Randy K. Avent

Florida Poly 2.0

2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Looking ahead at the next five years, Florida Poly’s growth will turn toward maturing the organization, strengthening the core academic programs and establishing the university’s role in economic development. Our approach in developing this five-year plan followed a standard process that began by identifying emerging trends pressuring high education for change.

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Research Park Vision 

Florida Poly’s vision includes the development of a robust research park adjacent to the campus that will drive economic growth in Florida. The goal is to develop a space where private companies and academic researchers come together to commercialize innovation and where an entire community of people, who are not even here yet, come together to live, work, and play.

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