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About the Office of Educational Outreach

Self-parking cars. Smart phones. GPS. Behind the technology, we enjoy every day was a dreamer with an idea. And behind that dreamer was someone who inspired him or her.

Florida Polytechnic University wants to work alongside and empower the next generation of big thinkers and inventors. As the state’s only university dedicated exclusively to the study of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), we have a deep pool of experts gifted in bringing science to life. These are leaders in their respective fields who can transform the language of physics and robotics into a fascinating, real-world application students of all ages can comprehend.

The Office of Educational Outreach facilitates the communication between the K-12 educational community and the University. These dedicated professionals partner with the education community on many levels, including bringing STEM lessons and experiments to local schools, nonprofits and after-school programs.


Some of the ways educational outreach can partner with you are:

  • Visiting schools, classrooms and programs to provide hands-on STEM experiences and lessons.
  • Visit Florida Poly’s campus in Lakeland, conveniently located in between Orlando and Tampa. Our award-winning Innovation, Science and Technology building makes a great first impression on visitors with its arching pergolas and modern, all-white interior. Lending our expertise and experience as a judge, panel participant at science and engineering fairs or a guest speaker at conferences and events such as The Great American Teach In.

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Educational Outreach

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