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Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center connects students with academically-focused services that help students thrive at Florida Poly.


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Peruse the Academic Calendar to get up to speed on this year’s important dates and deadlines. From special events, enrollment dates, and fee deadlines, to midterms and university holidays, you won’t miss a thing.

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Success Coaching

On-campus Success Coaches are available to help students succeed.  Success Coaches have three primary functions:  1) Academic Coaching.  Common coaching topics include time management, test preparation and test taking skills.  2) Academic Guidance.  The Success Coach team will help students with their schedule and academic progress.  3) Career Preparation.   Success Coaches lead career development initiatives on campus, including resume review and mock interviews.

To schedule time with a Success Coach, click here.


The Academic Success Center offers free drop-in tutoring for Calculus 1, 2 and 3, Circuits 1 and 2, and Computer Programming.  ASC tutors create an active learning environment where students can practice lessons learned in the classroom.

More details on tutoring are available at, or visit us at the Success Desk.

Career Development

The Academic Success Center helps students with Career Development by offering many services including career identification, resume preparation, interview skills, and career resources.  Sophomore, Junior and Senior students are encouraged to take part in the Career Communications Workshop Series held in the Fall and Spring,

Success Coaches

To schedule time with a Success Coach, click here.

Kris Kindle

I like to help students learn to navigate life as a college student, so they can make the most of the opportunities that have. My favorite part of what I do is watching students’ progress through their academic careers here, from their freshman year where everything is brand spanking new to their time as a senior where everything has become old hat, and they are ready for the new challenges and opportunities that await for them in the industry.

Fun Fact: I probably know more math than you do; I really like R

Programs I work with: Cyber Security, Science and Technology Management


Tiffany Dvorske

I want to help students succeed for selfish reasons—the more successful you students are, the nicer the world will be for me when I am old and gray! University life is a good fit for me, and I enjoy helping students overcome academic obstacles so that university life will be a good fit for them, too. I like meeting people and giving them strategies that enable them to reach their full potential.

Fun Fact:  Can you guess the state I lived in before Florida?

Come and see me if you need help—especially if you are in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, since those are my specialty.


Dana Kwiatkowski

I loved college so much, I decided that I wanted to work for one and I’ve been working with college students for over 9 years. I’ve been at Florida Poly since July 2014. I love working with students on maximizing their opportunities in and outside of the classroom to create their ideal college experience.

Fun Fact about me: I took a 21 day road trip from Florida to California after graduate school & I once took a class in college about Vampires.

Programs I work with: Cyber Gaming & Data Analytics


Kathryn Miller

I am an inaugural Florida Polytechnic University staff member, and find the best part of Florida Poly are our students.  I enjoy connecting students with opportunities, ranging from how to succeed in the classroom to finding that perfect internship.

Fun Fact about me:  I hiked The Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) in Summer 2017.

Programs I work with:  Computer Engineering