Admissions Ambassadors

Meet the Ambassadors

Ani Unzueta

Ani Unzueta `24

Engineering Mathematics | Miami, FL

Ani Unzueta

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Major: Engineering Mathematics

Concentration: Complex Systems

Fun Fact: I’m learning the Japanese Language!

Favorite Campus Memory: First time I rode my bright red Heelys around campus, taking in the beauty of my new home!

Bruce Hicks

Bruce Hicks `22

Electrical Engineering | Eustis, FL

Bruce Hicks

Hometown: Eustis, Florida

Major: Electrical Engineering

Concentration: Control Systems

Fun Fact: I am training for 2024 Olympics in archery.

Favorite Campus Memory: My math professor explaining how he jumped off a building to prove his theory for his doctorate.

Cindy Nguyen

Cindy Nguyen `21

Data Science | Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Cindy Nguyen

Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Major: Data Science

Concentration: Big Data Analytics

Fun Fact: I can speak two languages: English and Vietnamese.

Favorite Campus Location: My favorite campus location is the Saddle Creek Logistics Commons on the second floor of the IST. That’s where I hang out with my friends in between classes. I’ve shared a lot of good laughs and memories there.

Doug Poole

Doug Poole `24

Mechanical Engineering | Gainesville, FL

Doug Poole

Hometown: Gainesville, FL

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Concentration: Still exploring!

Fun Fact: I love doing cosplay. It’s actually how I first learned about Florida Poly. I attended Florida Poly Con and had a blast!

Favorite Campus Location: I really enjoy the IST. It has plenty of space for students to explore their major and connect with faculty.

John Privitere

John Privitere `22

Computer Engineering | Tampa, FL

John Privitere

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Major: Computer Engineering

Concentration: Autonomous Robotic Systems

Fun Fact: I am a huge Disney fan.

Favorite Campus Event: I really enjoy Purple Fire Week! This year looks a little different, but typically Neon Night is my favorite because it is our big welcome back event. I get to have fun and catch up with everyone.

Madi Yonash

Madi Yonash `24

Business Analytics | Orange Park, FL

Madi Yonash

Hometown: Orange Park, Florida

Major: Business Analytics

Concentration: Quantitative Economics/Econometrics

Fun Fact: I really enjoy business and mathematics, but if analytics doesn’t work out my backup career is to be a tattoo artist!

Favorite Camus Location: I really enjoy the Student Development Center (SDC). I work out there often and it’s a very clean and welcoming environment where I can get a good workout in with all the equipment I need.

Maggie Delgado

Maggie Delgado `23

Business Analytics | Lake Alfred, FL

Maggie Delgado

Hometown: Lake Alfred, Florida

Major: Business Analytics

Concentration: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Fun Fact: I graduated as the inaugural valedictorian of my high school.

Favorite Campus Location: My favorite place on campus is the Saddle Creek Logistics Commons in the IST. There is this one spot behind the resume desk that I love to sit at just because it's quiet and because I am able to focus on studying in-between classes.

Ramnik Bharath

Ramnik Bharath `23

Computer Science | Sebring, FL

Ramnik Bharath

Hometown: Sebring, Florida

Major: Computer Science

Concentration: Software Engineering

Fun Fact: I understand 3 languages: Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

Favorite Campus Event: I love Orientation! As an entering freshman, I didn’t know many people. It was a great experience to get outside my comfort zone. I really liked that we took a group picture showing off our Phoenix pride!

Tim Nolan

Tim Nolan `24

Mechanical Engineering | Apollo Beach, FL

Tim Nolan

Hometown: Apollo Beach, Florida

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Concentration: Aerospace

Fun Fact: My favorite word is pareidolia. If you don’t know what it means, it’s when you see shapes in clouds, faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns, etc.

Favorite Campus Location: My favorite place on campus is the IST building, especially at night when there are not a lot of people around, the lighting is dim and warm, and everything is just quiet. It makes the perfect place to finish up homework, study, or complete anything else that needs to be done.