Textbook Affordability

Florida Poly recognizes students need access to affordable textbooks. The Barnes & Noble store at Florida Poly and the Office of Financial Aid have collaborated to provide viable, affordable options to students who may not be able to cover the costs of textbooks on their first day of classes.

Book Voucher Program

Student Business Services and the campus bookstore have created a system where students may be able to use their additional financial aid toward the purchase of textbooks before the start of a semester. Students may apply for a book voucher three weeks before the start of the upcoming semester, and up to two weeks after the start of the semester. Below are requirements for receiving a book voucher:
  • A student must submit a book voucher request through Student Business Services. Book voucher request forms are available online here.
  • The Office of the Bursar will evaluate the student account to ensure that additional funds are available to use for the purchase of textbooks. Students may only use up to what is eligible in their additional funds.
  • If approved for a book voucher, the amount available will be communicated to the student.
  • Within 24 hours of approval, funds will be made available to the student through their Student ID for use in the Florida Poly Bookstore.
  • Students who purchased books with a book voucher will have a charge placed on their student account after the Drop/Add period for the books they purchased.
  • Once the student’s financial aid has been disbursed to their student account it will be applied toward any balances accrued from using the book voucher.
Please contact Student Business Services for additional information on the book voucher program.

Book Rental

Barnes & Noble at Florida Poly offers textbooks to rent for the semester. Students are able to rent books through the campus bookstore website, or at the bookstore, which is located in the Wellness Center. The Textbook Rental Program has many advantages, such as:

  • Rental periods through the entire semester.
  • Students are able to use their excess financial aid to pay for textbook rentals.
  • Textbook rental availability is posted on the bookstore website.
  • Students are able to receive a refund if classes are dropped before the Drop/Add period.
  • Students can opt to buy the textbook before the end of the semester.
  • On average, students save nearly 50 percent when renting as compared to buying new.

Additional information about textbook rentals can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions section of the rental page, or by contacting a customer service representative at 863-874-8761.

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