Social Media

Starting a New Account

While social media is a great way to communicate with our stakeholders, it requires a good deal of planning and resources to be successful in creating engaging content. It also requires a dedicated person (or more!) on your staff who can manage the account and who is trained to generate content, post content, and respond to comments.

As such, all social media accounts representing the University must be approved by University Relations. The following process helps create a strong foundation for a social media presence that meets institutional and audience goals and needs and strengthens the University’s reputation and brand.


Getting Started

  1. Review the following information:
  2. Submit the Account Request Form.
  3. After you've requested the new account/s via the form above, we will will reach out to you to schedule a meeting. During this meeting, we'll discuss your plans for the account and talk through what you'd like to post and how much time you can dedicate to the account.


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