Brand Center

Graphic Assets

Our brand has a variety of assets and elements that create our unique look and make us instantly recognizable. Each of these can be used on its own or in conjunction with others.


These elements can help organize and house content, or can be used to build compositional grids. They should be used moderately and purposefully—too many of them will make your compositions feel cluttered and disorganized.


Inspiration: As an active culture we never settle at a solution. We always push on to the next question raised. The dodecagon, a 12-sided figure, in its execution represents this motion: it’s not a complete circle, but is constantly pushing toward that final solution.

Uses: Containers for stats, pull quotes, headlines, and texture.


Inspiration: The white boards and glass across campus are home to vibrant ideas and allow passers-by to make connections and visualize what’s around the corner. These paths illustrate that process of connections.

Compositional dividers, connecting related content and assets.



Inspiration: The various square shadows in the interior hallways of the IST building.



Uses: Compositional dividers.


These textural elements add depth and dimension to compositions, as well as a sense of motion and energy. Texture can also draw attention to callouts or otherwise important content. This is not an exhaustive list, and addtional textures are encouraged to be tried.

Data Stream

Inspiration: A visual abstraction of the flow of digital data, these textures represent the active and constant “buffering” of ideas that happens in and around campus. 

Uses: Text callout underlines, photo overlays

Light Spots

Inspiration: The reflection of the sunlight flares that one experiences walking through the IST building. 

 Color pops and visual callouts for key content
gradient texture


Inspiration: Everything is on the move. From our students upward movement in their fields to the physical campus expanding, Florida Poly is anything but stagnant. 

Gradients are a great way to add movement and interest to a piece. Pair them with textures to create even more visual interest.


Individual profiles are brought to life using expressive portraits, graphic elements, and layered color spots. These collages really reinforce the concept of “fueled from within.” 

Every collage is created from the same set of elements, but each should look unique. This is accomplished by varying the hierarchy of the elements, as well as their sizes, textures, and colors.

Inspiration: The dynamic thinking and continuous buzz within our community is visually brought to life in these collages.