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University Team Marks

Florida Poly teams compete at high levels within varying degrees of state or national competitiveness, while balancing the rigor of a core STEM degree. 

Approved Team Marks

University Team marks are created and approved by University Relations and can be used in their wordmark form or in their full form with the Phoenix head illustration. There are a handful of approved color variations that can be used. To see a breakdown of the approved colors visit the Phoenix Guidelines.
Mark with Phoenix Illustration
Mark with Phoenix Illustration
Mark with Phoenix Illustration

Team Mark Guidelines

In order to build a strong brand recognition around the Florida Poly Phoenix, there are a few guidelines that must be followed. 

Do use the team marks:

  • to show school spirit.
  • on apparel and promotional items.
  • in a proportionate manner.

Do not alter any of the approved marks in any way.

Also, please do not use any variation of the team marks:

  • to replace the University logo.
  • in academic settings/on academic documents.
  • on official documents.
  • along with any other image or text in any way that creates a new logo or mark.
  • in any color variation other than those listed above.
  • in any distorted manner.
  • in a container shape of any type.
  • on a color that does not provide sufficient contrast.
  • on visually distracting backgrounds.