Florida Polytechnic University promotes civic engagement through community outreach programs that include the MERIT Summer Camp for STEM-minded high school students, and the Women in STEM Leadership program, a resource and network for Florida Poly women. Both programs provide opportunities for University students to promote STEM learning in youth programs.

Merit Summer Camp

In partnership with All Saints Academy, Lakeland Regional Medical Center and other community organizations, Florida Polytechnic University introduces high-achieving high school students to a hands-on learning medical engineering and robotics program in which students learn from professionals in high-growth industries. University students have the opportunity to help lead and teach at the summer camps.

Women in STEM Leadership

The campus-based organization serves as a resource, hub and network for Florida Polytechnic University women in STEM disciplines. The club links STEM women and highlights their achievement, while raising awareness of the achievements of women in STEM fields. Efforts to increase the number of females in STEM fields will extend to K-12 community service programs that the University partners with and/or initiates.