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The mission of the Music Association is to teach and foster collaboration and performance skills through music and musicianship. We host concerts, teach musical composition, and bring music to the everyday campus life at Florida Poly.


2019-20 schedule to be determined.

2019-20 Club Officers

  • President: Johnathan Bacharach – Email
  • Vice President: Isaac Lavigne – Email
  • Treasurer: Owen Dostie – Email
  • Secretary: Raphael Restrepo – Email



Upcoming Events

2019-20 schedule to be determined.

At Music Association, we host regular jam sessions and workshops.  These events function as our meetings and activities.  During our “jam sessions,” students are invited to bring any instruments they please, be it a guitar, their voice, or even a kazoo!  From there, students are encouraged to form independent bands endorsed by the club to perform at concerts.  Bird of Fire is one such band that recently performed at Smoke on the Water, a barbeque event in Lakeland hosted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

At our Composition and Collaboration Workshop, students are taught musical composition skills such as music theory and gain experience on various digital audio workstations (DAW).  Students are encouraged to team up to create new music and learn from one another to foster teamwork and collaboration.

Contact Information

 Email:  purple email icon

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