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IEEE club logoFlorida Poly’s IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Branch is geared towards empowering all students through professional development, workshop, and academic research. We are a student branch of the world’s largest technical professional organization, IEEE, which has over 450,000 members worldwide. Our primary mission is to enable students with projects so that we can teach them skills, while also giving them avenues for their projects to be funded and ultimately be able to present and/or be published. These experiences will help with developing resumes and interview skills.



2019-20 meetings to be determined.

2019-20 Club Officers

  • President: Robert Acacio – Email
  • Vice President: Roberto Sardinha – Email
  • Treasurer: Jaimie Davis – Email
  • Secretary: TBD


Solid-State Battery Committee – With battery technology advances long overdue, researchers are racing to develop more efficient & safer ways to store power. Florida Poly is joining the race by testing & comparing materials used to create solid solid-state batteries. Committee Focus: Sustainable Technologies & Developing Technical Skills. Contact: Shanika Miorana.

Embedded Systems Committee – Designed with student collaboration and Embedded Systems research in mind. This committee focuses on presenting participants with the knowledge they need to work on personal electronic projects and offers guidance and support to other FL Poly Committees and Clubs working with embedded devices. Also, this committee conducts workshops for students to learn hands-on skills with FPGAs, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pi boards. Specifically, how to program them, their differences and applications. Contact: Jose Neyra.

Electromagnetism Committee (Egg of Columbus) – Current project explains the principles of the rotating magnetic field model and the induction motor to spin a brass egg. For the past year we have been working on simulations and calculations, now we’re onto the construction phases which requires modeling of the egg and set up of the microcontroller to ensure a smooth switching of currents. Committee Focus: Electrodynamics, Programming, & Modeling. Contact: Hector Mirnada.

Engineers Without Borders – EWB-USA builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world’s most pressing challenges:

    • Water and sanitation
    • Energy
    • Agriculture
    • Disaster Response
    • Education

SoutheastCon (SECON) 2019 – SECON is the largest IEEE conference in the southeast US it is a Technical, Professional, and Student Conference. Florida Poly’s IEEE branch co-hosted and attended our first SECON last spring. For this upcoming conference, we plan to submit multiple papers from the various committees for approval and future publication/presentation. We also are planning to compete in the software, ethics, and hardware (robotics) competitions. The hardware competition is being worked on jointly with Purple Fire Robotics. Contact: Shanika Miorana.

RF Committee – Have anything that works without wires? That’s what the RF committee is about. This committee is dedicated to amateur radio, software defined radio, emergency communications, antenna systems, and anything else involving electromagnetic signals. The committee will focus on short talks, demos, and workshops that will teach students about the world of RF and amateur radio. Workshops will include working with GNU Radio and programming SDR’s to do a variety of things from FM radio reception and transmission, to sending digital and analog TV signals. The RF committee also seeks to bridge undergrad and graduate students research, and facilitates student involvement for any RF, DSP, SDR related work. This will be a primary focus of the committee to provide the resources, tools, and knowledge to facilitate a variety of work ranging from transmitter/antenna systems to SDR mesh networking thanks to and in collaboration with Dr. Ryan Integlia. Contact: Vlad Fomitchev.


To be determined.

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