Clubs & Organizations

Get Involved on Campus

Students come to Florida Poly with a passion for STEM, but their individual interests vary. That’s where student-led clubs and organizations shine. The university has more than 40 student clubs that are run by students and supported by the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Development. Students who are interested in forming a new student organization or would like additional information should submit the online form.

List of Clubs & Organizations

Anime Club

President: Anthony Diaz – Email
Vice President: Cody Brown – Email
Treasurer: Vincent Hael – Email
Secretary: John Hirsch Jr. – Email

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

President: Brandon Geiger – Email
Vice President: Patrick Malony – Email
Treasurer: Alec Lewis – Email
Secretary: Nick Shattuck – Email


President: Bruce Hicks – Email
Vice President: Daniel Brownell – Email
Secretary: Luke Rohn – Email
Treasurer: Gabrielle Simms – Email


President: Brent Collins – Email
Vice President: Alec Lewis – Email
Secretary: Christopher Scaduto – Email

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)

President: Elijah Luckey – Email
Vice President: Adam Zimmerman – Email
Treasurer: Nikki Burgess – Email
Secretary: Timothy Glisson – Email

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

President: Chelsea Reeves – Email
Vice President: Ryan Perez – Email
Treasurer: Timothy GaNun
Secretary: Reed Tamminga – Email

Data Analytics and Data Science Club (DADS) Club

President: Kahlil Wehmeyer – Email
Vice President: Angel Sarmiento – Email
Treasurer: Ken Rosever – Email
Secretary: Natalie Brum – Email

Diversity Club

President: Gabrielle Simms – Email
Vice President: Heather Daniels – Email
Treasurer: Jordan Gardinal – Email
Secretary: Bria Smith – Email


President: Zachary “Zeus” Unson – Email
Vice President: Logan Carlson – Email
Treasurer: Luis Sotomayor – Email
Secretary: Adam Tarbox – Email

Florida Poly Mutants (Ultimate Frisbee)

President: Stetson Cole – Email
Vice President: Trey Inman – Email
Treasurer: Zachary Unson – Email
Secretary: Jared Mast – Email

The Force Institute

The Force Institute has about 25 active members who meet twice a week on campus. Students are mentored by Sensei Richard Ganey, who created the mixed martial arts curriculum which incorporates the study of history, philosophy, and mythology as part of the overall growth desired in each individual’s Jedi journey.

Hammock Club

President: Spencer Bishop – Email
Vice President: Logan Miller – Email
Treasurer: Kevin Hines – Email
Secretary: Daniel Miller – Email

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

President: Robert Acacio – Email
Vice President: Vincent Drewes – Email
Treasurer: Jonathan Khabbaz – Email
Secretary: Roberto Sardinha – Email

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

President: Wesley Varughese – Email
Vice President: Elizabeth Baker – Email
Treasurer: Arlington Griffith – Email
Secretary: Elijah Campbell – Email

Latin American Student Association

President: Shirley Garcia – Email
Vice President: James Rodriguez – Email
Treasurer: Dominic Dodson – Email
Secretary: Derik Rivas – Email

The Learning Club

President: Robert Acacio – Email
Vice President: Jason Chua – Email
Treasurer: Kara Baldwin – Email
Secretary: Shanika Miorana – Email

Math Club

President: Moshe Acevdeo – Email
Vice President: Daniel Boada – Email
Treasurer: Andres Regalado – Email
Secretary: Jonathan Boada – Email

Media Club

President: Esme Vazquez – Email
Vice President: Christina Thomas – Email
Treasurer: Elena Lopez – Email
Secretary: Vincent Hael – Email

Modeling and Simulation Club

President: Quintin Goss – Email
Vice President: Dominic Lentini
Treasurer: Alexander Hughes
Secretary: Elijah Campbell

National Society for Black Engineers

President: David Dure – Email
Vice President: Jhordina Alexander – Email
Treasurer: Jenario Johnson – Email
Secretary: Theresta Desir – Email


President: Nicolo Aimino – Email
Treasurer: Tristin Key – Email
Secretary: Robert Matthews – Email

Phoenix Cultural Cuisine

President: Megan Henson – Email
Vice President: Brandon Aubele – Email
Treasurer: Kyle Thomas – Email
Secretary: Jake Lopez – Email

Phoenix League

President: Thomas Gorka – Email
Vice President: Thomas Carter – Email
Treasurer: Stephen Song – Email
Secretary: Jeffrey Walteros – Email

Physics Club (SPS)

President: Alex MacTavish – Email
Treasurer: Klarissa Cortez – Email
Secretary: Wyatt Liptak – Email

Purple Fire Robotics

President: Paul Teleweck – Email
Vice President: Joseph Patullo – Email
Treasurer: Jose Orozco – Email
Secretary: Shanika Miorana – Email

Rhythm Game Club

President: David Ciccarello – Email
Vice President: Jake Greenberg – Email
Treasurer: Isaac Azoalos – Email
Secretary: Jonathan Hopper – Email

SHAPE (Students Helping Achieve Philanthropic Excellence)

President: Saivamsi Hanumanthu – Email
Vice President: Gregory WIllard – Email
Treasurer: Jacqueline Gauthier – Email
Secretary: Caleb Long – Email

Smash Club

President: Anthony Pacini – Email
Vice President: Andrew Diaz – Email
Treasurer: Zack Retamozo – Email
Secretary: Gabriel Escobar

Society of Women Engineers

President: Brianna Mann – Email
Vice President: Natalie Brum – Email
Treasurer: Daniele Mendez – Email
Secretary: Gabrielle Simms – Email

Sub Club

President: Logan Carlson – Email
Vice President: Edward Shynski – Email
Secretary: Ben Southwick – Email


President: Steven Chisholm – Email
Vice President: Theodore Schutt – Email
Treasurer: Colter Roche – Email
Secretary: Zachary Odom – Email

Variety Gaming Tournament Club

President: Hayden Kunz – Email
Vice President: Gabe Cabera – Email
Treasurer: Brian Wikse – Email
Secretary: Justin Krum – Email