Student Government Association


SGA LogoEstablished in 2014, the Student Government Association (SGA) acts as the students’ voice to the University’s leadership, campus community, and public at large. In order to provide a positive college experience for all students at Florida Polytechnic University, the association approves funds, regulates campus-sponsored clubs, and advocates for students and their rights.


We, the Student Body of the Florida Polytechnic University:

  • Represent and defend the rights and interests of our students to the University, local community, and government
  • Provide a forum for the expressions of student views and interests
  • Promote the academic freedom and responsibility and high standards of education
  • Provide services and organize events for the benefit of students
  • Recognize and understand our responsibilities to the University, local community, and humanity


The Student Government Association is composed of an executive, judicial, and legislative branch.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch includes the Student Body President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and an Executive Cabinet. The Cabinet includes various Executive Committees as appointed by the Student Body President. They are the students’ voice and liaison between the students and the administration.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is comprised of senators represented by class years, degree programs, and on- and off-campus students. The Senate enacts statutes, allocates funds and oversees campus organizations. The Legislative Branch will grow as the University grows.

Audit and Budget Committee

The Audit and Budget Committee (ABC) deals with Student Government’s funding. A major role of the ABC is to help Registered Student Organizations (RSO) receive funding by submitting a budget proposal and going through revisions which will then be passed on to Senate to see if there are any more revisions needed. The ABC is committed to helping students and RSOs receive funding through certain line items in the SGA Budget.

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Student Organizations Committee

The Student Organizations Committee (SOC) deals with student organizations and clubs. A major role of the SOC is to approve and manage Registered Student Organizations. Students may submit paperwork to apply for a new organization at any time, and the SOC will work with the students through the process. The SOC is here for the students and to help create a better, more active campus life.

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Information and Communication Committee

The Information and Communications Committee (ICC) deals with SGA and Legislative Branch communication. A major role of the ICC is to help keep students and other SGA members informed. The ICC is committed to keeping SGA and students informed throughout the year.

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Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is the Supreme Court, comprised of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices. The seven Justices are appointed by the Student Body President and confirmed by the Senate. The Supreme Court hears student concerns, helps conduct all SGA elections and holds trials for officials who breach the SGA Constitution.

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The Florida Polytechnic University Student Constitution, enacted in February 2015, is a dynamic document that establishes the Student Government Association, its mission, powers, and duties. With the signing of the Constitution, the SGA is formally operated by the students and for the students, a highly visible testament to democracy at the university level.



The spring election is held the last Tuesday and Wednesday in March.

The fall election is held on Tuesday and Wednesday during the sixth week of the fall semester.

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