About the Ombuds Office

Florida Polytechnic University’s Ombuds Office advocates for fair and equitably administered processes within the institution. The Ombuds person facilitates discussions to identify best options to resolving problems. Participation in Ombuds services is strictly voluntary and is therefore not a required step in any grievance process. In order to serve students, faculty, staff and administrators effectively, precautions are taken to ensure that any additional roles or responsibilities within the University assigned to the ombudsperson shall not compromise the ombudsperson’s neutrality in responding to any inquiry, concern, or conflict. As such, information about the Ombuds office and its role are made readily available to all students, faculty, staff, and administrators and appears, at a minimum, in the student handbook and the University’s website. The Ombuds Office is committed to providing accessible, fair, confidential, equitable and informal services to those who voluntarily seek help in resolving problems and concerns. The Ombuds Office contributes to finding resolutions to issues by making recommendations for institutional changes in policies and procedures when necessary.


To contribute in finding resolutions to problems for students, faculty, administrators and staff and advocating for the use of institutional policies and procedures that enhance the quality of the campus environment.


A centralized unit that improves overall quality of the university experience for students, faculty, administrators and staff.


Ombuds Office Services and Responsibilities

Pursuant to Florida Polytechnic University’s Student Grievance Policy (FPU-3.0031P), and Florida’s Board of Governors Regulations (6.011 and 6.010), students with concerns regarding their access to courses and credits granted toward a degree may seek assistance from the University’s Ombuds Office. Early intervention is critical to reaching timely resolution to students’ issues and concerns; therefore, students are encouraged to contact the Ombuds Office as soon as an issue arises.

The Ombuds Office:

  1. Serves as a place where students, faculty, administrators and staff can seek assistance for problem resolution and referrals outside of formal grievance processes.
  2. Works collaboratively with all academic and non-academic units to identity and recommend policies and procedures that enhance supportive services for students, faculty and staff.
  3. Provides confidential, impartial, independent, and informal dispute resolution and mediation services.
  4. Represents the institution in building collaborative, working relationships with the collective body of Ombuds on state and national levels.

* Please note that due to the confidential and informal nature of the Office of the University Ombuds, it is not considered an “office of notice” to the University.


How can students access Ombuds’ services?

Students may voluntarily choose to access services of the Ombuds Office at any time before, during, or even after formal appeal processes have been exhausted or have proven to be unsuccessful. Anyone may call, email, or visit to obtain information about the Ombuds Office using the contact information below.


Confidential Ombuds Services Contact Information


How might students contribute to excellence in the delivery of Ombuds services?

Given how committed we are to continuously improve the Ombuds services provided to students, we are seeking feedback from students.  Please consider the option of completing a satisfaction survey either online or in the office. Both options are anonymous and confidential.


Please take the time to complete the Satisfaction Survey