Florida Poly ID Card Services

The Florida Poly ID Card is the official identification card of Florida Polytechnic University. It is issued to all University community members, and is required for students to access essential campus services. It is an all-in-one card, serving as the Student ID Card, Meal Plan Card and Library Card. In addition, the Florida Poly ID Card Card offers FLPoly Bucks, an easy-to-use account to make purchases on campus and with the University’s retail partners in the greater Lakeland community. Simply make a deposit, and the accounts are instantly activated. Please carry your Florida Poly ID Card with you at all times. Click the button below to learn more about the card and how you can use it.

Florida Poly Bucks

The Florida Poly ID Card Allows Access To:

  • Campus housing
  • Campus activities and programs
  • Computer labs
  • Fitness Center
  • Research labs

Applying for the Florida Poly ID Card

It’s easy for Florida Poly students as well as faculty and staff members to apply for the Florida Poly ID Card. The following is required:

  1. You must be a current student registered for classes at Florida Polytechnic University, or a staff/faculty member with an employee ID number.
  2. Show proof of identification, including a valid driver license, state-issued ID or passport.
  3. Provide proof of University status, including an acceptance letter, class schedule or tuition bill.
  4. Visitors and vendors to the University campus are issued passes and must register at the Florida Poly ID Card Office, located in the Wellness Center.

My Florida Poly Selfie

Students – take control and get the Florida Poly ID card you want! All Florida Poly students are required to have a photo identification card. Now you can save the hassle of waiting in line to have your photo taken on campus, or getting a photo that you don’t like. Just email your selfie to selfie@flpoly.org, and get the ID card you want. Before snapping, make sure to complete the checklist to meet University requirements for student ID photos.

The locations for the selfie stations are:

  • IST South Entrance
  • IST North Entrance
  • Admissions
  • Wellness Center

Lost or Stolen Cards

Report a lost or stolen card immediately. Florida Poly ID Card customer service can be reached 24 hours a day at 1-888-820-0454. You can also visit the Student ID Card Office in the Wellness Center during normal operating hours. You are responsible for all transactions that occur before your card is officially reported lost or stolen.


Questions? Contact the Student ID Card Office.

Student ID Card Office, University Auxiliary Services,
Florida Polytechnic University,
Wellness Center 4700 Research Way,
Lakeland, Florida. 33805-8532
Phone: 863-874-8440