My Florida Poly Selfie Checklist

Here are the four easy steps:

Step 1: Take your selfie.

We accept the following selfie submissions:

  • Upload a photo from your computer.
  • Take a photo with your webcam.
  • Take a photo with your mobile device.
  • Your image must be at least 1kb and at most 1mb.

Step 2: Make sure your selfie meets our standards.

  • Does the selfie clearly represent and identify you? It’s your selfie after all!
  • Are you looking straight at the camera? Side profile selfies are out of style!
  • Is your background a light, neutral color, such as white or beige? Florida Poly purple also is acceptable. No distracting backgrounds, please.
  • Is your selfie in color? No black and white photos.
  • Are you free from red-eye or reflections? Who uses flash anyway!?
  • Did you take off your hat or any garment that obstructs the view of your face? We want to see you clearly. Faces must be fully visible.
  • Is it a photo of just yourself? No photobombing, pets or group selfies!

Step 3: Send us your selfie.

  • Email your photo submission to Be sure to include your student number in your email or your submission will be rejected. 

Step 4: Pick up your new student photo ID

  • Bring a photo ID (like a driver’s license or passport) to pick up your ID card at the Wellness Center at least five business days after your submittal. It’s that easy.

Step 5: Show off your selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #FLPolyselfies!