Officer Encounters

University police officers actively promote the philosophy of community policing and strive to interact with students, employees, and visitors in a cordial and professional manner. There may be instances when an officer needs to make contact with you in the course of some type of investigation or welfare check to ensure your personal safety, or during a traffic stop while you are driving. Department policy requires these encounters to be based on reasonable suspicion and free of any bias-based profiling.

Under these circumstances, we advise everyone to follow the officer’s directions and cooperate fully during the encounter. Do not take offense that the officer is asking questions that may seem irrelevant to you at that moment. They are simply doing their jobs to protect you and the campus.

If you believe your encounter with an officer was somehow inappropriate, unprofessional, bias-based due to racial, ethnic, or gender-based profiling, or discriminatory in some other manner, please contact the University Police Department to report your concerns. The Department accepts complaints from anyone and conducts administrative investigations to all complaints.