Operation Identification Form

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a nationally recognized property identification program that was established to help recover stolen valuables and property. This free service engraves valuables with a unique number to make recovery and identification easier if items are stolen. Engraving also discourages theft.

Operation identification can be used to protect bicycles, cameras, laptops, cell phones, lab equipment, and any other item with a hard surface. You can identify your property by either locating the serial number on the item or, if it doesn’t have one, engraving your Florida Poly ID number, or driver license number on it and keeping a record of each of your items. Be sure to include the serial numbers of the items marked and description.

Do not mark valuables with your social security number. Federal regulations governing the identity of social security registrants make the numbers next to impossible to trace. Also, displaying your social security number can put you at risk for identity theft.

After locating the serial number, fill out the form below to officially register your items with the University Police Department.

Valuables that cannot be marked should be color photographed with a complete description of the article on the back of the photograph. These photographs and your log sheet should be kept in a safe place and used for identification purposes in the event of theft.