Medical Advisory Board

Florida Poly's Medical Advisory Board reviews and provides guidance to the University in planning for the various scenarios and decisions that COVID-19 presents to the campus community.



The Medical Advisory Board has four primary functions:

  1. Reviews campus opening plan as it relates to minimizing transmission on campus.
  2. Reviews scenario planning on how the campus will react to COVID-19 challenges that may arise through the 2020-21 academic year.
  3. Advises best practices and protocols the University should use for testing the campus community for COVID-19.
  4. Assesses “case and infection rate” status regarding what levels trigger stronger campus controls to minimize transmission. 5. Meets on an emergency basis to provide advice on emerging concerns for the campus.


This Board includes representation from key local medical providers (Lakeland Regional Health, Baycare, Advent Health) and highly informed individuals from medical schools within the State University System.

Members on the Medical Advisory Board include:

  • Dr. Michael Deichen MD MPH, Associate Vice President Student Health Services Associate Vice President Student Health Services, Vice Chair Institutional Review Board, Professor of Family Medicine, University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Daniel Haight, Vice President, Community Health and Medical Director, Lakeland Regional Health, Associate Professor, Dept. of Internal Medicine, USF Morsani College of Medicine
  • Dr. Yolangel Hernandez-Suarez, Vice Provost for Population Health and Well Being, Florida International University
  • Dr. Michael Lauzardo, Deputy Director, Emerging Pathogens Institute Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine, University of Florida