Download the Florida Poly Mobile App to access the self assessment.

To help ensure the the health and safety of everyone on campus, all students and employees are required to complete a self-assessment before coming to campus or attending classes each day. The assessment is located in the Florida Poly Mobile App.

By completing the self-assessment before coming to campus each day, the community can work together to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The self-assessment was developed under the direction of the Medical Advisory Board and takes users through several CDC-identified symptoms of COVID-19 combined with other issues that make a person a higher risk for COVID-19, including travel to or from identified hotspots, and personal high-risk conditions. A person’s current body temperature will is a key indicator in the screening assessment.

The self-assessment does not collect personal information, and records of symptom assessments are not maintained by the University. It is strictly used to inform and help the user make decisions that will best support their individual health and the health of the campus.



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