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Master of Science


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Career Enhancing Masters

Our M.S. in Engineering program provides students with an advanced engineering education to work with emerging technologies, product development, and program management.

Program Highlights

The M.S. in Engineering program at Florida Poly attracts working professionals who seek an advanced engineering education. Rather than culminate in a research experience and a thesis, the Masters of Engineering curriculum prepares students with the necessary skills for advancing their careers in industries involved in emerging technologies, product development, and program management with specializations in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering. 

Education Meets Innovation

Your interest could lead to degree that expands your inter-disciplinary breadth or one that adds significant depth in one of two focus areas: Robotics and Electrical Control Systems.

Concentrations in Engineering Masters Program

computer science
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering combines the hardware background and aptitude of electrical engineering with the firmware and software writing skills of computer science. Computer engineers design and build embedded microcontrollers, VLSI chips, analog sensors, mixed signal circuit boards, and operating systems — and guide how these parts integrate into the larger picture.
electrical engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering gives you broad academic grounding in preparation for graduate study and high-demand 21st century careers. Electrical engineers will play a lead role as intelligent, information-driven systems grow smaller, process faster and move into every aspect of life. 
mechanical engineering.
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering combines quantitative, design and technical knowledge with hands-on skill in preparation for one of the world’s most versatile and in-demand professions. From nano-scaled innovations in medicine to the future of space flight, mechanical engineers design the future. 
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The Robotics track within the Master of Science in Engineering is interdisciplinary and requires six credits for developing strong foundations in advanced engineering math, and scientific computation and programming. The selections of the remaining credits are focused on developing advanced knowledge in an industrial robotics team environment consisting of four disciplines. Depending on the student’s background and interest, a student can choose nine credits from a primary discipline in computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, or mechanical engineering as well as select up to nine credits from other disciplines. The track is flexible enough to develop both depth and breadth in robotics.



Engineering Careers

Engineers can earn a master’s degree in general engineering to broaden their knowledge of engineering management and analysis. Upon graduation, students may be more competitive candidates for a wide range of engineering careers in project management, manufacturing logistics, or technical consulting.
data analytics

Job Growth

Professionals who step up to earn a Masters of Engineering make about $10,000 more per year than their peers with bachelor’s degrees.

Engineers, in general, were projected to see a 4% increase in employment over the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) reporting period of 2014-2024. The career outlook of specific engineers, such as those mentioned above, ranged from 1%-7% for the same time. 

electrical engineering

Salary Ranges

As with the career projections, the median salaries ranged for engineers. For example, electrical engineers earned a median income of $93,010, industrial engineers made a median wage of $83,470 and materials engineers had a median salary of $91,310, based on 2015 figures from the BLS.


Engineering Stats

At Florida Poly we’re educating the next generation of STEM leaders.
Florida employs the fifth largest number of engineers in the U.S.
of the tech sector is driven by artificial intelligence.
Engineering is the second most-sought-after major for U.S. employers.

Meet the Faculty

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Research Facilities  

The M.S. in Computer Science program shares faculty and resources with electrical and computer engineering programs, exposing you to an interdisciplinary learning and research environment that mirrors industry. 


Applied Research Center 

Florida Poly’s 90,000-square-foot Applied Research Center (ARC) was created as a research hub for the Central Florida region to become a magnet for high-tech development around the school. The Applied Research Center houses research and teaching laboratories, student design spaces, conference rooms, and faculty offices. The building also provides study areas for graduate students, and a small amount of administrative space.



SunTrax is a large-scale, cutting-edge facility dedicated to the research, development, and testing of emerging transportation technologies in safe and controlled environments. Many of the opportunities are related to tolling, ITS, and automated and connected vehicles. Additionally, the entire site is a connected environment for testing Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications.

Program Details and Admissions Requirements

Your Master of Science in Engineering requires 30 credits — including 18 credits of core degree requirements, including these six (3 credit) courses: Scientific Computation and Programming, Advanced Database Systems Design Credits, Computer Networks Credits, Computation Theory Credits, Advanced Operating Systems Concepts and Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis.

Click here for your complete program description for the Master of Science in Engineering.

Admission to our graduate program is a selective process, and the committee will conduct a comprehensive review to assess each applicant’s promise for academic success at Florida Poly. Once the above materials have been submitted, your application will be reviewed by the Florida Poly Graduate Admission Committee.

  1. Send us your official college transcripts from all of the institutions you’ve attended. If your cumulative college GPA is below a 3.25, please also submit official GRE scores. If your cumulative college GPA is a 3.25 or higher, the Graduate Admission Committee may waive the GRE requirement.
  2. Submit two letters of recommendation.
  3. Submit a Statement of Purpose. This should be a brief summary of your research interests and goals for the program.

Please send all documents to:

Florida Polytechnic University
Office of Admissions
4700 Research Way
Lakeland, FL 33805

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Engineering Degree, Florida Polytechnic University students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of design IT principles in a defined industry problem.
  • Conduct research and apply knowledge based on these research skills.
  • Apply knowledge of managerial skills to coordinate and execute an industry project.
  • Demonstrate understanding of applied analysis of user requirements, research skills, managerial skills and IT based knowledge.
  • Analyze and properly use current computing techniques, methods and theories in an industry scenario.

Make Your Passion a Career

We're here to give you the resources to land your dream internship, work alongside faculty in groundbreaking research, and to develop leadership skills to stand out in the workplace.  
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Internships are an important part of setting up you up for success after college and are a requirement for you to graduate. 
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Conduct research along side faculty that is improving lives and changing businesses, with impact ranging from local Lakeland community to the outer-reaches of space. 
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We understand the importance of feeling prepared, and we are committed to your success here and beyond. That's why we have resources to support you in your continued career development.

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