Sarah Pearsall

Instructor - 9

Sarah Pearsall is the coordinator of English composition at Florida Poly and has taught at the University since 2019. Pearsall received her MFA in creative writing from Florida International University in 2013. She is working on her second, terminal, advanced degree – a doctorate in education focusing on writing curriculum and instruction – at The University of Central Florida. Pearsall has taught all forms of writing at several Florida institutions of higher education. During the summers, she teaches creative writing at the world-renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts in Northwestern Michigan. In addition to her teaching, Pearsall is a fiction and food writer. She is currently seeking representation for her first novel, “The Summer Knows.” Previously, she was the food columnist for Around Wellington Magazine. Pearsall also contributes to several parenting magazines. She is passionate about improving the writing skills of her students and has spent time researching and revising college composition courses at Florida Poly to better meet the needs of its STEM students. She enjoys cooking and traveling the world with her children in her free time.

  • Ed.D. in Education, Writing Curriculum and Instruction, The University of Central Florida, 2024
  • M.F.A in Creative Writing, Fiction, Florida International University, 2013
  • B.A. in English, Florida International University, 2008
  • Secondary and College Writing Education
  • Writing Curriculum Development
  • Writing Instruction Development
  • Writing Program Development
  • Interdisciplinary Education and Arts
  • Member, Association of Writers & Writing Programs
  • Member, National Council of Teachers of English
  • Pearsall, S. (2014). The backyard thief. Sliver of Stone.