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Game Jam

Screenshot of Unity application
Screenshot of 2021 Game Jam in Unity

Learning Outcomes 

A game jam is a short competition where people get together to make a game that follows a certain theme in a short amount of time.  Students at Florida Poly were given 72 hours (3 days) to create a game that follows an assigned theme in a set amount of time.  The main purpose of a game jam is to test your skills as a game developer, whether that be in programming, design, sound, or any other aspect of making a game. 
Five Florida Poly students completed this game at a game Jam held in March of 2021.  The goal here is not just to enjoy the game but understand the process of making a successful game.


  • Computer/Laptop, must be a windows computer, unfortunately this game will not work on Macs or mobile devices.
  • Keyboard and Mouse, for controls
  • Access to

How It Works 

You are an adventurous dwarf who craves the riches of a long-forgotten tomb. However, the tomb is guarded by many dangerous foes and creatures. With the aid of a wizard's enchantment, you are able to die and resurrect stronger than before and retain a vague sense of knowledge you gained from before to defeat the creatures that reside within the tomb. How many deaths will it take for you to plunder the riches of the UNDERCAVE? 


  1. Opening the Game:
    In order to play the game, follow the link above to the page for the game and download the latest version of the game. Once downloaded, find the downloaded folder and extract it to a easily accessible place, preferably the desktop. Once done, simply open the extracted folder and double click on the application and the game will launch.
  2. Controls:
    (subject to change, see game instructions)
    -Left click to Move and Attack enemies
    -Spacebar while moving to Dodge
  3. Objective:
    Use your mouse to move and attack enemies and make your way through the Undercave. Fight through the dingy cave, to cross a lava lake to the catacombs. Once there defeat the monster of the catacombs to claim the treasure of the Undercave and win the day. 


  1. Name three programming languages that are used for creating video games
  2. Explain the concept of a “Game Jam”
  3. What is the purpose of a “Game Jam”?
  4. Tell them what you think- comment here


Additional Resources

      1. Game Jam Lesson Plan
      2. Unity Real-Time Development Platform
      3. io an open marketplace for independent digital creators with a focus on independent video games
      4. Magica Voxel