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Introduction to Linux

Learning Outcomes

Linux is a Family of open source Unix-like operating systems. Linux systems are found on personal computers, large network or data servers, Network routers, TV’s, video game consoles and even smartwatches, making Linux the most versatile OS there is. This lesson will help understand the basic set of commands and utilities in Linux/UNIX systems. 


How It Works

Some Linux systems to contain graphical elements that make it more like a conventional Windows computer, however many Linux systems are mainly Command line based, meaning that to navigate the system you have to type in commands.

To demonstrate this today we are going to use a website developed by students at MIT called Terminus.

  1. Navigate to the MIT Terminus website
  2. Download the Introduction to Linux Lesson plan below.
  3. To begin read the instructions and follow the first few examples below


  1. What is an operating system?
  2. How do commands work?
  3. What type of computer interface consists of a user interacting with a computer system by typing in lines of text?

Additional Resources