Educational Outreach

Introduction to Programming

Lesson 1: Print and Scan

Intro to programming


Learning Outcomes 

  • Students will explain the basic concepts programming and coding
  • Students will perform basic programming and coding theories
  • Students will apply programming and coding procedures to hands on experience exercise
  • Students will formulate simple code to get the console to display text and read input.
  • Students will utilize the print and scan functions to prompt the user to input values and make a response to the user with the print function.


How It Works 

Students will be introduced to the concept of programming using an online compiler to observe and then create simple programs using code. 


  1. Answer a question that some of you may have, “What is programming?”
  2. Learn print and scan function in C
  3. Run your first working program
  4. Make your our own code


  1. Attempt the code above to scan in your name and have the computer say hello.
  2. Go to and write down 3 languages that they have tutorials for.
    3. What are 3 other programming languages other than the 3 you saw on

Additional Resources

  1. Lesson 1 Lesson plan
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Teachers Guide