Educational Outreach

Lab Code Activity

Screenshot from the Poly Lab game created by Keegan Sommer, CE class of 2020
Screenshot from the Poly Lab game created by Keegan Sommer, CE class of 2020

Learning Outcomes

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to Beta-Test a new game, created by a new game developer here at Florida Poly! Keegan Sommer graduated from Florida Poly in 2020 with a degree in Computer Engineering.  While at Florida Poly he worked in the Office of Educational Outreach where he created this game for students learning how to design video games.  Now he needs you to test it for him.  What is Beta-Testing? I’m glad you asked! Beta-Testing is an important step in any game’s development, where the potential players play the game to make sure the game is both functional, and fun to play.  This activity will help you understand the coding and programming portion of game design.


How It Works

How to Play:

  • Look at the level provided for you to solve and determine what actions the character needs to take to get to the goal. In this step, you are creating “Pseudocode”. Pseudocode is what programmers create before writing the actual code, to ensure they understand what needs to be done.
  • Assort the provided functions into the order necessary to complete the level. REMEMBER: Code reads DOWN FIRST. Here, you are using a custom block-based coding language called “Florida Poly Blocks” to write the code that will determine what actions your character will take.
  • Hit the “Run Simulation” button and test your code. Now after you’ve spent the time to write your program, you get to run the simulation and see if you accomplished your goal. You should watch this step carefully, taking note of where any problems may arise.
  • If the simulation fails, repeat steps 1 to 3. If and when the simulation fails, don’t be discouraged! Failure is a huge part of coding and the creative process involved. All it means is that you made a mistake somewhere, and have to re-work your solution.
  • If the simulation succeeds, congratulations! You’ve successfully written a code to navigate the level, and must now begin the process again for the next level.
  • While you are running your simulations, look for any parts of the game that could use improving, or that just don’t work. This is the step that was mentioned earlier called “Beta Testing”. If you find anything, be sure to let one of the creators know!

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