Educational Outreach

RaspberryPi Minecraft Server

student demonstration


Learning Outcomes 

  • Explain what a RaspberryPi is and demonstrate some ways to use it
  • Install Ubuntu and develop Minecraft sever
  • Build and utilize a Minecraft server


  • 1 X RaspberryPi 4 (The 4GB and 8GB model will work best)
  • 1 X RaspberryPi Power supply (Any 3.0A USB-C power supply works but an official RaspberryPi power supply is best)
  • 1 X MicroSD card (the more storage the better for long term)
  • 1 X SD Card Reader
  • 1 X Micro-HDMI to HDMI cable (Optional but much easier)
  • 1 X Keyboard and Mouse
  • RaspberryPi Imager Software (Free)
  • OPTIONAL – RaspberryPi starter kits like the CanaKit 8GB starter kit are more expensive but have all the needed parts and offer great value for the price

How It Works 

RapsberryPi’s are essentially just small computers, meaning you can install operating systems like Ubuntu and treat them like desktop computers. Linux distributions like Ubuntu are also great at running dedicated Minecraft servers. These facts combined allow you to set up your own dedicated Minecraft server for cheap on a RaspberryPi. Utilizing a Desktop ubuntu distribution, PaperMC’s custom server file and a RaspberryPi, you have all the tools to make your own Minecraft server.


  1. Acquire all needed components, or purchase a RaspberryPi starter kit
  2. Download the RaspberryPi Minecraft server lesson and RaspberryPi Minecraft Visual Guide listed below or follow along with the lesson video posted at the top of the page.
  3. Set up the RaspberryPi.
  4. Install and setup Ubuntu.
  5. Create the Minecraft Server. 


  1. What is a RaspberryPi and what are three (3) projects you can integrate it in?
  2. What is ubuntu and how is it used?
  3. Name three (3) professions or field of study that use Raspberry Pi?
  4. How can you test to confirm that the Pi works correctly?
  5. How can you assess your work to confirm that the OS was properly installed?

Additional Resources

  1. RaspberryPi Minecraft Server Lesson Plan
  2. RaspberryPi Minecraft Server Visual Guide
  3. RaspberryPi Imager
  4. PaperMC Server.Jar
  5. Port Forwarding Guides
  6. Install Ubuntu on a RaspberryPi