Ala’ J. Alnaser

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ala’ “Peter” Jamil Alnaser brings a strong background as a professor and researcher in Cryptography and Algebraic Number Theory to his position as assistant professor of mathematics. Previously, he served as an assistant professor of mathematics at Trine University in Indiana for five years, and often utilized instructional technologies that included MyMathLab, WebAssign, MatLab and Scientific Graphing Calculators.

Alnaser has a Ph.D. and master’s degree in mathematics from Kansas State University, completing his doctoral dissertation in the area of algebraic number theory and developing new methods for finding upper bounds for Waring’s number over the rational integers. His bachelor’s degree is in Mathematics from Jordan University of Science and Technology. From 2003-09, he worked as a graduate teaching assistant at Kansas State University, where the courses he taught included college algebra, calculus II and III, linear algebra and applied matrix theory.

He is a member of the American Mathematical Society.