Amanda Bruce

Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Amanda Bruce brings more than a decade of experience teaching American History to her post at Florida Polytechnic University. Dr. Bruce earned her doctorate and master’s degree in History at Stony Brook University. Her dissertation examined public concern over the influence of popular media – radio and TV – on children from 1930-1960.

At Stony Brook, she served as a History instructor for seven years as well as a research assistant, learning communities instructor and a writing instructor. She taught History at the Casablanca American School in Morocco for one year. “My primary goal in the classroom is to train students to see the world through a historical lens so that they can use this skill in their everyday lives,” Dr. Bruce said. She said that students in her classes often work in groups as well as individually in analyzing primary sources and also developing presentations that enable them to connect with topics and subjects in a personal, meaningful way.

For a U.S. Women’s History course, one of her students chose to develop a presentation on the historical under-representation of women in STEM fields. Most recently, Dr. Bruce worked as an adjunct History professor at the University of Tampa, where she taught History of Women in America, The United States Since 1877, the History of American Popular Culture, and World History Since 1500. She also was a full-time History instructor at Nassau Community College, where she taught U.S. History and America Today. “I hold students to a high standard in all of these discussions and in their written work.”

Dr. Bruce earned a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of California-Santa Barbara. Her awards and honors include the Clarke Chambers Travel Fellowship at the University of Minnesota and the Marshall Fishwick Travel to Popular Cultures Grant through the Popular Culture/American Culture Association.

Her hometown is Rancho Palos Verdes, California.