Move-in Day

Move-In Days

Moving to campus can be overwhelmingly exciting (and equally stressful!). Now's the time to get packed and make sure you have a valid housing contract for the term.

Fall 2021 Information

At 8 a.m. Thursday, July 15 all new and returning students may sign up online to reserve a date and one-hour time slot. Students are welcome to bring guests to assist them with moving in.
As we navigate these unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, move-in procedures for fall 2021 will be updated as necessary. Keep checking the website, social media, and your emails for updates.
Saturday, August 21

New Students

The transition to college is a big one. The residential experience at Florida Poly is characterized by support, strong interpersonal connections, and academic engagement. We are here for you, and our residents are here for each other.

  • Sign up for move-in will open Thursday, July 15.
Sunday, August 22

Returning Students

We can't wait to welcome you back home!

  • Sign up for move-in will open Thursday, July 15.


Preparing for Move-in Day

To ensure your move-in is quick and painless, be sure to take care of these items ahead of time.
* This information from last year gives families an idea of how things were handled in the past. This will be updated for fall 2021 prior to August 1.

Student Living (Leasing Office) will be sending student their room assignments and roommate information by Thursday, July 15. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your room assignment or roommate placements please contact Student Living (Leasing Office) or call 8693-874-8779. 

To ensure you have paid your housing bill or you have made adequate payment arrangements prior to your move-in date, send an email to Student Living (Leasing Office) or call 863-874-8779.

Renter’s insurance is not required; however, residents are encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance to insure their personal belongings. Florida Poly and Student Living (Leasing Office), are not responsible for, nor do we insure, the student’s personal property. We strongly recommend that you contact an insurance agent to purchase apartment dwellers insurance to cover your personal belongings against fire, burglary, and water damage, as well as personal liability. If you are a legal dependent of a parent or guardian, you may be covered under that person's homeowner’s insurance. Your parent or guardian should check with their insurance carrier to determine this.

We know you want to bring it all, but please don’t. Check out this list of recommended do (and don't) bring items!

New students: Be sure to take and submit your photo for your Florida Poly ID Card.

If you plan to bring a vehicle to campus, be sure to purchase your parking permit.

New students: Make sure you have completed your admissions requirements.

Take a few minutes to review the most frequently asked questions to make sure you know everything you need to know before you leave home. {Coming Soon}


What to Expect on Move-in Day

*This information from last year gives families an idea of how things were handled in the past. This will be updated for fall 2021 prior to August 1.

Students are permitted to bring one adult guest with them to move-in, and guests will be allowed to enter the residence halls with their student to assist them with moving in belongings.

We ask that students and guests bring no more than two vehicles with them to move-in. Moving trucks, trailers, or vans will not be permitted and cannot be parked on campus.

Students who plan to bring a personal vehicle with them to campus may not park their vehicle in Lot 3 (residence hall parking lot) until after 7 p.m. August 19. Students may park their vehicles in Lot 8 during move-in days. Students bringing a personal vehicle to campus must purchase a parking permit in advance.

When you arrive to campus on your move-in date, please park your vehicle(s) in Lot 6 and proceed to the check-in tents. This is where you will check in for your move-in time slot and be given your move-in packet, which will include your Florida Poly ID Card (for new students only) and keys.

  • New students: Please follow the instructions provided to you in your online orientation to receive your Florida Poly ID Card. Be sure to bring a photo ID with you to move-in, as well.
  • Returning students: If you have lost or damaged your Florida Poly ID Card follow the process outlined on the Florida Poly ID Card webpage. Be sure to bring a photo ID with you to move-in, as well.

Please be aware you will not be given a move-in packet or keys if you have not paid your housing bill in full. To ensure your housing bill is paid contact Student Living at 863-874-8779.

Move-In Team volunteers will be available to help students move-into their rooms. The volunteers will assist with unloading your vehicle(s), placing your belongings in sanitized carts, bringing the carts to your room, and unloading your belongings in your room. Move-In Team members will be required to wear gloves and face coverings at all times while assisting you.

To ensure all your belongings make it to your room, please label all of your boxes, crates, and belongings with masking tape that states your first name, last name, and room number.

Residents are required to attend a floor meeting with their RA at 6 p.m. on the day they move in.

To make changes to your scheduled move-in date and time, contact Paul Carey at 863-874-8763 as soon as possible.




Contact Information

The Department of Residential Life oversees residence hall programming and initiatives, supervision of resident assistants (RAs), resident emergency and crisis response, and student conduct. Contact: Paul Carey, assistant director for residential life and student experience, at 863-874-8763


Student Living handles the leasing and maintenance for the on-campus residence halls. Contact: Student Living at 863-874-8779.

Directions to Campus
To assist you when traveling to campus, please review our directions to campus and the campus map.
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Packing List Recommendations
We know you want to bring it all, but please don’t. Check out this list of recommended do (and don't) bring items!
Residential Life Handbook

The Residential Life Handbook outlines the rules, expectations and behaviors that all residents are expected to abide by.