Move-in Day

Move-In Days

Welcome Home!

More than 750 students moved into the residence halls at Florida Poly on Aug. 21 and 22 for the 2021-22 academic year. A move-in team of more than 50 student and alumni volunteers assisted and the Phoenix also stopped by to help!

Families who joined their students on campus were able to attend a family resource fair to get acquainted with a variety of support services and involvement opportunities available on campus. A parent orientation was also held on Saturday afternoon to help educate parents about the University experience and provide information about how Florida Poly will be working to assist students and what the parental role should be. 

Move In Fall 2021


Fall 2021 Information

(Fall 2022 information will be updated when it becomes available in the spring).
All new and returning students may begin signing up online to reserve their date and one-hour time slot for move-in. Students are welcome to bring guests to assist them with moving in.
As we navigate these unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, move-in procedures for fall 2021 will be updated, as necessary. Keep checking the website, social media, and your emails for updates.
Saturday, August 21

New Students

Welcome! The transition to college is a big one. The residential experience at Florida Poly is characterized by community development, strong interpersonal connections, and academic engagement. We are here for you, and our students are here for each other.

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Sunday, August 22

Returning Students

Welcome back! We cannot wait to have you back on campus! 

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Preparing for Move-In Day

To ensure your move-in is quick and seamless, be sure to take care of these items ahead of time.

On Thursday, July 15, Student Living (Leasing Office) sent email communication to students, with a valid lease agreement, their unit and bedroom assignments and roommate/suitemate information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your unit/bedroom assignment or roommate/suitemate placements, please contact Student Living (Leasing Office) or call 863-874-8779.

To ensure you have paid your housing bill or you have made adequate payment arrangements prior to your move-in date, send an email to Student Living (Leasing Office) or call 863-874-8779. 

If you plan to use financial aid to make your housing payment, please complete the Authorization to Apply Financial Aid to Housing Charges form and it return to the Office of Financial Aid. You must have enough financial aid to cover tuition, fees, meal plan and have remaining funds to use toward housing to be approved. To determine if you have enough financial aid, please review your ledger in your CAMS student portal.

Students living on campus are not required to acquire renter’s insurance, however students living on campus are encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance to insure their personal belongings. Florida Polytechnic University and Student Living (Leasing Office) are not responsible for, nor do we insure, the student’s personal property. We strongly recommend that you contact an insurance agent to purchase apartment dwellers insurance to cover your personal belongings against fire, burglary, and water damage, as well as personal liability. If you are a legal dependent of a parent or guardian, you may be covered under that person's homeowner’s insurance. Your parent or guardian should check with their insurance carrier to determine this.

The Residential Life Handbook outlines the community standards and University policies that all students living on campus are expected to abide by. Violations to the Residential Life Handbook and Student Code of Conduct can result in student sanctions ranging from warnings to housing expulsion. We highly encourage students and parents/guardians to review the handbook prior to move-in. 

Check out this list of recommended do (and do not/prohibited) bring items and belongings!

While living on campus you will want to make sure you are using the following address, depending on which residence hall you reside in, to receive mail and packages: 

First Name Last Name

Florida Polytechnic University, Room ####

4540 Polytechnic Circle

Lakeland, FL 33805

If the student’s full name is not included in the address, the mail or package will be returned to the sender.

New Students: You will receive your Florida Poly ID Card when you check-in at move-in. It is very important that you take and submit your photo by August 1st. Make sure to bring a valid, original government issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, to receive your Florida Poly Card at move-in.  

Returning Students: Remember to bring your Florida Poly ID Card with you to move-in. If you need to replace your Florida Poly Card, if it is lost or damaged, please pay the replacement fee. Once the replacement fee has been paid, your new Florida Poly Card will be printed and you will receive it when you check-in at move-in. Make sure to have your receipt number available in order to receive your new Florida Poly Card at move-in. 

If you plan to bring and park a vehicle on campus, be sure to purchase your parking permit.

Students living on campus are required to select a residential meal plan per University policy and as stated in their lease agreement. 

Log into your CAMS portal starting Tuesday, July 6 to add your Meal Plan Membership to your student ledger for the Fall 2021 semester. Auxiliary Enterprises will activate the plan to your Florida Poly Card, which you may begin using on your move-in day.

The University finalizes your selection, applies financial aid/scholarships, and bills for the meal plan memberships on the last day of Drop/Add Week. You can log into CAMS and make any requested changes to your selection before this deadline each semester. 

New Students: Make sure you have completed your admissions requirements prior to move-in and New Student Orientation. 

If you or your guest(s) need an ADA accommodation met during move-in, please contact Paul Carey at 863-874-8763. 

You and your guests may do quite a bit of walking on campus during move-in. The Phoenix Shuttle will be operating during move-in days and will pick up/drop off students and guests from the following locations on campus: outside Lot 8, outside Lot 3, and outside the Innovation, Science, and Technology (IST) building. 

If there is lightning in the area around campus, all move-in operations will be paused, for safety concerns, until it is safe to resume operations again. Please expect and prepare to experience rain and possibly storming during move-in days. Make sure to bring your umbrella! 


What to Expect on Move-In Day

It is your Move-In Day! Review the information below to understand how your move-in day will operate while you are on campus. 

Students and guests on campus during move-in days are encouraged to wear a face covering while on campus and in the residence halls. The Department of Health will be on campus during move-in days offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccination to those interested in getting the vaccination. 

Students are permitted to bring guests with them to move-in and guests will be allowed to enter the residence halls to assist their student with moving in their belongings. We highly encourage students to bring no more than two adult guests with them to move-in to limit the amount of people within the residence halls on move-in days. 

We ask that students and guests bring no more than two vehicles with them to move-in. Moving trucks (i.e., U-Hauls) and hitch trailers will not be permitted on campus and cannot be parked on campus during move-in days. 

Please label all of your boxes, crates, bins, and belongings with masking tape and a black marker that states your first name, last name, and unit number/bedroom letter (i.e., John Smith, 1101A). Move-In Team volunteers will be present at move-in and will be assisting you with moving your belongings from your vehicle(s) to your unit and bedroom, so it is very important that you label everything you are looking to bring with you to move-in. 

Make sure to bring a valid, government issued photo ID (i.e., driver’s license or passport) with you to move-in!

Step #1: When you arrive to campus on your move-in day, please park your vehicle(s) in Lot 6 and proceed to the check-in tents. There will be directional signage and staff on campus directing you where to go. 

Step #2: The check-in tents are where you will check-in for your move-in timeslot, receive your Florida Poly Card (for new students), ensure you have completed your admissions requirements (for new students), ensure you have paid your housing bill with Student Living, and receive your move-in packet and keys. You will not receive your move-in packet or keys if you have not paid your housing bill in full or if you have not made adequate payment arrangements with Student Living. To ensure your housing bill is paid contact Student Living at 863-874-8779.

  • New Students: When you receive your Florida Poly Card at check-in, access to the residence halls and your unit will have already been added to your card.
  • Returning Students: When you arrive to move-in, access to the residence halls will have already been added to your Florida Poly Card. However, when you arrive to the residence halls to begin unloading your vehicle(s) you will need to have unit access added to your Florida Poly Card.  

Step #3: Once you have received your move-in packet and keys and have finished checking in, you will drive your vehicle(s) to Lot 3 which is the parking lot for the residence halls. There will be directional signage and staff on campus directing you where to go.

Step #4: When you enter Lot 3 you will be asked to pull your vehicle(s) up to your respective residence hall. Move-In Team volunteers will be available and will begin to assist you with unloading your vehicle(s) and placing your belongings into large moving bins that will be taken to your unit and bedroom. This is why it is very important to label all of your belongings prior to you move-in day. 

Step #5 (for Returning Students): As your vehicle(s) are being unloaded by your guest(s) and Move-In Team volunteers, you will need to go to the Phase 2 residence hall to have your unit access added to your Florida Poly Card. We ask that guests remain with your and their vehicles at all times. Once unit access has been added to your card please return to your vehicle(s) to assist with unloading and moving in your belongings. 

Step #6: Once your vehicle(s) have been unloaded, please drive your vehicle(s) to Lot 8 for long-term parking. Students and guests will not be allowed to park their vehicles in Lot 3 or any other parking lot during move-in days. Students who plan to bring and park a vehicle on campus during the academic year may not park their vehicle in Lot 3 until after 8 p.m. Sunday, August 22. During move-in days, students are required to park their vehicles in Lot 8. Ticketing and towing will be strongly enforced during move-in days. 

To make changes to your scheduled move-in day and/or timeslot please contact Paul Carey at 863-874-8763.


After Your Move-In Day

In your move-in packet you will receive a Unit Condition Form that must be completed and turned in within 24 hours of your move-in date. 

While moving in, please make note of any damages or concerns on your Unit Condition Form. This will ensure you are not charged for any damages when you move out at the end of your lease term. 

Turn in your Unit Condition Form to your Resident Assistant (RA) during your first floor meeting. Your RA will ensure your Unit Condition Form is turned into Student Living (Leasing Office). 

Resident Assistants (RAs) full-time students who live in the residence halls and are responsible for a particular community of residents. They provide support, act as a resource for students, coordinate social and educational programs, and enforce University, Residential Life, and Student Living community standards and policies within the campus and residential community.    

RAs are carefully selected and trained to be sensitive to the academic, emotional, and social challenges facing students living on campus, particularly the normal adjustments to residence hall living. We encourage you to seek out and develop a relationship with your RA so they can help you in your transition to living on campus. Your RA will reach out to you throughout the academic semester and year to meet 1:1 or in small groups. All students living on campus are encouraged to meet with their RA regularly.

Students living on campus are required to attend their first floor meeting with their Resident Assistant (RA) at 7 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 23. Floor meetings will be taking place, in-person, on your floor’s common area/lounge. 

Student Living (Leasing Office) oversee the online resident portal, Active Building. You will not be able to set up your online resident account until one week after your move-in date. You will be notified when your resident account becomes available. Only then can you proceed with the below steps: 

  • Visit the Student Living website and click "Resident Login."
  • Click on the "New User? Get Started Now" link.
  • Create a username and fill out all other necessary fields. All information (including your email address) must match the info on file with the Student Living (Leasing Office).
  • Once this step is completed, you will receive an email to complete your registration. In your email, please select "Click Here to Get Started."
  • Enter your personal information and accept the terms of Active Building.
  • Select or un-select “Send me a daily activity digest” then click "Save Settings and Continue."
  • Complete the information on the screen and click "Continue."
  • Complete the Emergency Contact Information then click "Finish and Take Me to My Page."
  • On your resident page in the bottom left corner, you will see options to “Submit a Payment,” “Submit a Request,” and post to our community activity board. Please note that any posts you make are subject to review by the Student Living and Residential Life teams.
  • When making a payment online, you may choose to make a one-time payment, or you may set up recurring payments.

Please submit maintenance-related service requests using the online resident portal (Active Building). Doing so will assist our service team in tending to your requests more efficiently.

Emergency maintenance (i.e., active water leak, fire, issues with power, etc.) must be called in. Please do not use the online resident portal or any other method of communication (i.e., community Discord or social media) for emergency maintenance. If you are experiencing an emergency maintenance issue or concern during business hours, please call the Student Living (Leasing Office) at 863-874-8779. If you are experiencing an emergency maintenance issue after hours or over the weekend, please call the Resident Assistant (RA) on-call. 

Both wired and wireless network connections are provided in residential units and bedrooms as part of their semesterly rate. Additionally, wireless is available in both residence hall common areas and lounges, as well as across campus. Students living on campus are encouraged to protect all electrical appliances and computer equipment through a quality power surge protection system. Personal routers are not allowed. 

Digital cable is included in your rent. In order to access your cable channels, you may need to perform a channel search on your television. Students living on campus are required to provide their own cables and equipment.

If you are experiencing any internet or cable issues, contact Student Living (Leasing Office) or submit a maintenance-related service request using the online resident portal (Active Building).

Residential Life is responsible for receiving, processing, and distributing mail and packages (parcels) to students living on campus. Parcels for students living on campus will no longer be sent to the University Mail Center, located in Wellness, and students will no longer pick up their parcels from the University Mail Center. 

Students living on campus will not be assigned a mailbox within the residence halls. All parcels, after they have been received and processed, and the student has been properly notified, can be picked up from the Residential Life front desk in the Phase 2 residence hall. 

Process for receiving parcels from Residential Life: 

  • All parcels addressed to residence halls, for students living on campus, will be delivered and received by Residential Life.
    • Parcels are delivered to Residential Life during business hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Parcels will not be delivered to Residential Life on weekends and when the University is closed.
  • Once parcels have been processed by Residential Life, the student will receive an email and text message notification from Notifii, which is our parcel processing system.
    • Please keep in mind if the website tracking your parcel states that the “status is delivered” or that the parcel has been "delivered to agent”, this means that your parcel has been scanned by the local carrier and it is on its way or will be on its way to the University usually within one business day.
  • Once you receive the email and text message notification from Notifii, please visit the Residential Life front desk, located in the Phase 2 residence hall, to pick up your parcel. Parcels can be picked up from the Residential Life front desk during business hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on weekends.
  • You must have a valid photo ID (i.e., driver's license) or your Florida Poly Card to pick up parcels.
  • After 30 days, parcels that are not picked up will be returned to the sender.
  • Residential Life does not handle outgoing mail or package parcels. If you have outgoing parcels that needs to be shipped, please take it to a local mail center or post office. You can also visit the Florida Poly Mail Center located in Wellness. 

Living with another person or persons may be a brand-new experience for some, which may cause some concerns throughout the semester or year. In the case a student is having issues or concerns regarding their roommate or suitemate they should speak with their Resident Assistant (RA) immediately. From there, the RA can begin working with those involved in our well-planned and thought-out mediation process. Unit and bedroom reassignment is not a solution to roommate/suitemate conflicts and reassignment requests will not be granted. 

At the beginning of each semester, all roommates and suitemates that share a unit will be required to complete and fill out a roommate agreement contract. This contract covers various topics when it comes to sharing spaces and living with other individuals (i.e., cleanliness, guests/visitors, studying, sleeping, etc.). In the case of a roommate or suitemate conflict, the roommate agreement contract will be reintroduced to ensure all roommates and suitemates are following the rules and guidelines they have set for themselves. Roommate agreement contracts may be updated and changed at any time and as many times throughout the semester and year, as long as all students within the unit and/or bedroom agree to said updates and changes. 

The first week or two after move-in is the best time to meet other students on your floor and in the community. Many students are eager to make new friends, so do not be shy about introducing yourself! Your Resident Assistant (RA) can help introduce you to your community and student groups across campus. Make the most out of your Florida Poly experience by finding your community and getting involved on campus. 

Visit the Student Affairs website for more information regarding student organizations and campus events and programs.

If you see something, say something!


Residential Life On-Call Presence: For all students living on campus there will be a Resident Assistant (RA) in each residential community, along with a Community Director (CD), serving on-call every night from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday-Friday and 24-hours each day during weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Additionally, there will be a Residential Life professional staff member on-call 24/7/365. Professional staff are trained to handle a wide variety of emergency and crisis situations. You may also contact the University Police Department for any immediate concerns or after-hours emergencies at 836-874-8472 (select option #2). In case of an emergency, call 911. 

Reporting a Concern: There are several report forms that are designed to allow any University community member to fill out and provide as much detail as possible regarding a concern they may have come across. Each form on the website addresses different areas (i.e., academic integrity, concerning behavior, food insecurities, sexual misconduct, non-academic misconduct, and Residential Life related concerns). If you accidentally fill out and submit the wrong form do not worry. Departments and offices involved in overseeing reports will be sure to route your report to the correct department and professional staff member. 

Crisis, Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team: Living, learning, and working at Florida Polytechnic University may cause stress and may be the reason that someone is displaying distressed or disruptive behavior. The CARE Team at Florida Poly aids the campus community to help assess and find solutions for managing these difficult situations. The CARE Team provides guidance and assistance to students who are experiencing a crisis, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, or engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful (either to the individual student or to others). The CARE team reviews referrals and responds to identified concerns for a student’s health, welfare, and safety.

University Police Department: The University Police Department is a mix of sworn law enforcement officers and civilian members who provide 24-hour police services on campus. In addition, the University Police Department works closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to implement and coordinate law enforcement operations. A safe and secure campus can only be accomplished with the cooperation and assistance of the community. You may contact the University Police Department for any immediate concerns or after-hours emergencies at 836-874-8472 (select option #2). In case of an emergency, call 911. 

Blue Light Emergency Phones: The University has many emergency phones located outdoors on campus to ensure students, employees, and community members can contact the Lakeland Police 911 dispatch center as easily as possible. Blue Light Emergency Phones allow people who feel threatened, see anything suspicious or require any type of emergency assistance to connect with an answering service that connects you to the Lakeland Police 911 dispatch center. The locations of the Blue Light Emergency Phones are available on the campus map

Florida Poly Alerts: Florida Poly Alerts is the University’s emergency notification system. An alert is issued when a situation arises in which the university determines that there is an ongoing threat, whether manmade or weather-related, that presents an immediate threat to the health and safety of people on campus. Individuals with a Florida Poly email address will automatically receive an email each time a Florida Poly Alert is sent out. Check your Florida Poly Alerts account on a regular basis to ensure that you have listed your most current contact telephone numbers.




Contact Information
The Department of Residential Life oversees all move-in day operations. Contact: Paul Carey, assistant director for residential life and student experience, at 863-874-8763.
Student Living handles the leasing and payment operations for move-in days. Contact: Student Living at 863-874-8779.
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