Residential Life Handbook 

On-Campus Services

Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services provides essential services that directly support the student experience at Florida Poly. The Academic Success Center (ASC) is a hub that connects the community with the resources needed to succeed academically.

The ASC is staffed by success coaches who provide academic coaching on a variety of topics, including time management, test preparation, and test-taking skills. Success coaches also provide academic guidance and help students manage their schedule and academic progress.

Email or call 863-874-8642 to contact or schedule an appointment with Academic Support Services. The ASC is located in the Innovation, Science, and Technology (IST) Building, room 1019.


The Office of Admissions assists students through the application and enrollment processes while also providing opportunities for prospective students and families to experience Florida Poly’s stunning campus via virtual and on-campus events.

The Office of Admissions is also responsible for guiding new students through most of their onboarding process, including approving immunization forms, processing Florida residency paperwork, receiving final transcripts, and connecting students with key components of orientation.

Email or call 863-874-4774 to contact or schedule an appointment. Admissions is located in the Admissions Center. 

Auxiliary Enterprises

Auxiliary Enterprises is a non-academic entity that exists predominantly to furnish goods or services to students and employees and that charges a fee directly related to, although not necessarily equal to, the cost of the goods or services.

Auxiliary Enterprises oversees the following University services:

  • Campus Vending Services
  • Florida Poly Bucks
  • Florida Poly ID Card
  • Event Management
  • Parking and Transportation Services
  • Phoenix Dining
  • Phoenix Print and Mail Center
  • University Bookstore

Email or call 863-874-8432 to contact Auxiliary Enterprises. The Auxiliary Enterprises Service Center is located in the Wellness Center.

Career Development 

Career Development helps students connect their academic experiences to their career paths. 

Through Career Development, students can:

  • Explore a variety of career paths.
  • Search for jobs and internships.
  • Prepare for jobs and internships.
  • Receive resume guidance.
  • Ask questions in career chats.
  • Learn about career workshops and events. 


Codes (Career Opportunities Developing Evolutionary Success) is a series of workshops designed to help students with career development skills, including dressing professionally, marketing yourself, personal branding, networking, etc.


Florida Poly uses Handshake to help students find internships and jobs that are a good fit for their individual talents, skill sets, and interests. Handshake helps students find meaningful careers and discover career paths. Students can explore thousands of available jobs, track deadlines, and put their best self forward and connect with employers.

Email or call 863-874-8746 to contact or schedule an appointment with Career Development. Career Development is located in the Innovation, Science, and Technology (IST) Building.

Disability Services

Florida Poly is committed to assisting students with disabilities and offering reasonable accommodations to those with documented eligibility by following Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) works with students, faculty, and staff to coordinate reasonable accommodations that allow access to University programs, services, and activities.

To start the process of requesting accommodations, you can apply for services through our online application.

Email or call 863-874-8770 to contact or schedule an appointment with Disability Services. Disability Services is located in the Academic Success Center (ASC) East location in Residence Hall 2.

Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to supporting Florida Poly’s mission by helping students and their families seek and obtain the financial resources needed to attain a degree in STEM. Some of our main functions include:

  • Determining eligibility and packaging aid based on merit and need (scholarships, grants, loans and federal work study).
  • Informing students of resources available to assist with meeting their needs, allowing focus to be placed on education rather than costs.
  • Certifying and processing all financial aid (state, federal, institutional, and private funding).
  • Providing information and presenting programs that address financial literacy as it relates to financial aid renewal, loan borrowing, budgeting, savings, and credit.

Email or call 863-874-4774 to contact or schedule an appointment with Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid is located in the Admissions Center.

International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) provides direct support and advising services to international students, faculty, and staff. ISS ensures University and student compliance, promotes internationalization, and provides guidance on maintaining F-1 status while attending Florida Polytechnic University.

Email or call 863-874-8540 to contact or schedule an appointment with International Student Services (ISS). ISS is located in the Registrar’s Office of the Innovation, Science, and Technology (IST) Building.

Health Clinic

The Florida Poly Health Clinic offers a variety of healthcare services. The Health Clinic is provided by Lakeland Regional Health and is staffed by a registered nurse. Students can stop by the clinic for general medical services addressing acute conditions, minor illnesses, and injuries. The clinic can also provide referrals to local health care providers and specialists as needed.

The cost of basic services is free for all students. Anyone who has a health concern, becomes sick, or suffers a non-serious injury should stop by the clinic for evaluation and/or treatment.

Please remember that any chronic or major medical conditions should be treated by the student’s regular doctor. If a serious and urgent health problem arises, a student should dial 9-1-1 or visit the Lakeland Regional Medical Center Emergency Room or nearest hospital.

Medical and nursing services are available when classes are in session:

  • Monday–Friday from 1-5 p.m.
  • Walk-ins are welcome and no appointment is necessary.

The Florida PolyHealth Clinic is located inside the Wellness Center.

Office of the Ombudsman

The University Ombudsman can be the first resource when a student does not know where to get information for a particular situation; or as a last resort, when normal channels of communication have failed to bring resolution to a difficulty.

The Office of the Ombudsman is a confidential, impartial, independent, and informal resource for students who have encountered University-related issues and concerns.

Email or call 863-874-8544 to contact or schedule an appointment with the University Ombudsman. The Office of the Ombudsman is located in the provost’s suite of the Innovation, Science, and Technology (IST) Building.

Student Business Services

Student Business Services serves Florida Poly students by maintaining accurate financial records and communicating with students about their accounts. Student Business Services is responsible for tuition and fee assessment/refunds, processing payments, and the collection of past-due accounts. In addition to providing bursar-related services to students, our office also assists other departments, parents, vendors, and external customers with billing, receipt/collection, disbursements, refunds, and general information.

Email or call 863-874-8406 to contact or schedule an appointment with Student Business Services. Student Business Services is located in the Wellness Center. 

Student Development

The Office of Student Development is committed to the growth, development, and achievement of students at Florida Poly. The office works closely with academic colleagues to support students as they learn to be successful and effective leaders in the emerging global community. Student Development’s goal is to create a rich, interactive culture where innovation and learning extend beyond the classroom and infuse campus life itself.

Student Development oversees all university-wide events and programs, Student Government Association (SGA), Campus Activities Board (CAB), all student-run clubs and organizations, intramural sports, and fitness and recreation facilities and activities. 

Email or call to contact or schedule an appointment with Student Development. Student Development is located in the Student Development Center (SDC).

Technology Services and the Help Desk

The philosophy of the Department of Technology Services is to have the competency and flexibility to meet the current and future IT needs of the Florida Poly community. The department takes an innovative approach to customer service and adheres to industry best practices to achieve strategic goals. Technology Services continually assesses work practices to improve and provide the most up-to-date solutions and services in the evolving high-tech learning environment.

Technology Services provides essential technology services to the Florida Poly community, including training, service requests, and technical support.

The Help Desk responds to all technical questions, provides consulting advice, and processes work requests for all students, faculty, and staff. The Help Desk is the single point of contact for IT support and can address issues through multiple channels, including by email, phone, and in person. An online tracking system enables technicians to monitor the status of user requests with a unique identifier to quickly find solutions to common questions, research prior inquiries and prioritize cases, in order to provide the best service.

Available for daily checkout:

  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • PowerPoint clickers
  • HD USB webcam
  • Wireless keyboards (for collaboration rooms)
  • HDMI cables (for collaboration rooms)
  • Graphing calculators (TI-89 Titanium and TI-84 Plus and scientific calculator and 4 function calculator)

Email or call 863-874-8888 to contact, schedule an appointment, or submit a Help Desk ticket with Technology Services. Technology Services and The Help Desk are located on the second floor of the Innovation, Science, and Technology (IST) Building.

University Police Department

The Florida Poly Police Department consists of sworn law enforcement and non-sworn members who provide 24-hour police services to the campus community. The University Police Department is currently staffed by full-time members providing full university police services to the Florida Poly campus. 

Since the main campus is within the city limits of Lakeland, all 911 emergency calls go directly to the Lakeland Police Department Dispatch Center, which dispatches University Police.

The following is contact information for the University Police Department:

  • Email
  • Non-Emergency Number: 863-874-8472 (prompt 2)
  • Emergency Number: 911