STEM Technology Department

Innovation Labs

Hands-on learning inside industry-quality laboratories is essential for academic success and experience in a real-world environment. 
Our innovation labs give students the opportunity to test their big ideas on the same advanced equipment used in leading industrial and corporate environments. When students have the freedom to test their skills, theories, and imagination, we all win.

Innovation Labs

The study of physical and life sciences is brought to life in this laboratory. Fundamental to success in many of our STEM majors is an understanding of concepts in physics and chemistry. With an ability to measure and calculate density of materials, visualize electromagnetic fields and how they affect the world around us, study wave propagation, and observe chemical reactions, the knowledge acquired inside these labs builds a strong base for success.  

The design, development, and testing of new electrical equipment requires specific tools and knowledge. Florida poly provides both. The electrical engineering lab offers the same specialized instruments used by professionals working in the field. Students have the resources and support they need to broaden their skills while they work to build the tools of tomorrow.  

Students working in the growing field of nanotechnology have the equipment and guidance they need to pursue their interest in the tiny technology. With everyday objects and the technology fueling them shrinking to impossibly small sizes, nanotechnology is truly the next frontier of tech. 

The Nanotechnology Lab supports students pursuing work in this emerging field, which offers opportunities in fields as diverse as medicine, robotics, and artificial intelligence. 

Students transform their CAD-modeled designs into functional prototypes in this lab. With heavy machinery and knowledgeable supervision, initial prototypes produced by 3D printers are replaced by wood and metal creations, and ideas are replaced by tactile reality.  

The Rapid Application Development (RAD) Makerspace/Robotics Lab is the place where ideas become reality. With a wall of 3D printers and specialized tools to assist in the development of robotic creations, this lab is ground zero for creativity and innovation. 

Research is at the heart of advancements in academia, technology, and industry. The Research Lab allows students to sharpen their skills and progress on research in a wide variety of fields, including mathematics, physics, and general engineering. The advanced setting gives students the tools they need to make their work publication-ready, which enhances their individual appeal to graduate programs and employers. 

One of the most dynamic and hands-on labs on campus supports students across all majors as they undertake complex, innovative projects. Wearable computers, media production, game development, and simulated environments regularly take shape in the lab, which features a multisensory communications center continually updated with new technologies. 

Tomorrow’s digital obsessions take shape here, with augmented reality and virtual reality – and Florida Poly students  playing a starring role. 


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