Florida Poly’s advances in research, innovation, and student education are bolstered by our strong relationships with industry and academic partners across the state and around the globe.

The University is dedicated to growing our partnerships to provide greater opportunities for our students and faculty while contributing to the success of our partners.  

We recognize the impact that partnerships can have on our development as a leading STEM institution and the effect our support can have on communities and organizations. 

A few current partnerships include:  


Florida Department of Transportation

Suntrax transportation technology testing facility partnership with our Advanced Mobility institute advances the verification and testing of emerging connected and autonomous vehicle technology and strengthens Florida’s status as a transportation technology leader.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The universities are collaborating to further the advancement of airborne autonomous technologies.



With agreements that include Fulbright in Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, and Belgium, Florida Poly offers opportunities for international educational exchange.   


Polk State College

An agreement with the college allows students who begin their studies there to transfer easily to Florida Poly to receive their bachelor’s degree.  


Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

Collaboration between Florida and the Estonian university fosters the development and testing of autonomous vehicle technology for use in controlled settings such as downtowns and university campuses. 

Partnerships that solve real-world problems

Partner with us today to help create the next generation of high-tech leaders and position your company on the cutting edge with priority access to our career-ready STEM graduates.
Light skinned male holding a bike.
Companies that sponsor senior capstone projects offer real-world work experience while gaining solutions to problems they currently face.
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Internship sponsors provide valuable workplace experience to talented students while gaining access to their education and potential future employment potential.