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Florida Poly to Build Phoenix-shaped Wellness & Aquatics Center

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University will soon break ground on a new and vastly expanded, state-of-the-art wellness and aquatics center on campus, helping students match the rigors of their classroom academics with the value of health and fitness. The yet-to-be-named facility will be shaped like a phoenix, the Florida Poly mascot, and include a […]

Florida Poly Kicks off its Third Academic Year with Record High Enrollment

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University starts its third academic year on Monday, August 22, welcoming more than 1,300 students – a record high enrollment for Florida’s newest university and more than double the university’s 2014 opening enrollment. The incoming class at Florida Poly has an average GPA of 3.8 and an average SAT score […]

Florida Poly’s IST Building Named One of World’s 16 Most “Breathtaking”

University’s signature structure adds more recognition to 20-plus awards LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University’s iconic Innovation, Science and Technology (IST) Building in Lakeland now ranks as one of the 16 “most breathtaking” buildings in the world, according to a survey of architects, placing it alongside iconic structures such as the Parthenon in Greece, the […]

YLakeland Provides First Career Step

Karla Martinez plans to go toe-to-toe with terrorism after college. “I have a strong sense of patriotism, so national defense is big for me,” Karla explains. “I want to pair that with the challenge of cyber security.” Getting that dream job at the Department of Homeland Security isn’t going to happen overnight, but Karla is […]

Cyber Security Success at Lockheed Martin

The role is reserved for senior students, but rising junior Michelle Culbert not only persuaded Lockheed Martin to give her the internship, she also became the first Florida Polytechnic University student to earn a position there. It hasn’t taken long to prove her value. Every month, the Lockheed Martin payroll facility in Lakeland creates metrics […]

Florida Polytechnic University Names Dr. Terry Parker as Provost

Florida Polytechnic University President Dr. Randy K. Avent is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Terry Parker as Provost for Florida Poly, effective September 1. Parker is a long-time academic leader and engineering researcher who most recently served as Provost and Executive Vice President of the Colorado School of Mines, one of the world’s […]

Student Engineers Success at Port Tampa Bay

While studying how materials handle stress, Logan Chambers has proven himself capable of bearing heavy workloads. This summer, the Florida Polytechnic University rising junior is taking a class, working jobs at Subway and in the school’s IT department and has an internship with the Port of Tampa Bay. Logan started his internship May 16, and […]

Technology Is Lifeblood of Port Tampa Bay

At first glance, Port Tampa Bay doesn’t appear to be much more than an elaborate rail yard jutting into Hillsborough Bay. But “when you peel the onion away, so to speak, you find there’s technology at every level that’s critical to running a complex, working port,” says Port Tampa Bay CEO Paul Anderson. Port Tampa […]

Florida Poly Students Intern with Top-Tier Companies during Summer 2016

LAKELAND, Fla. – This summer, dozens of students at Florida Polytechnic University are fanning out across the country to intern with some of the largest and most high-tech companies, solving real-world challenges and building their path to full-time employment. A total of 64 Florida Poly students have secured internships with dozens of companies such as […]

Florida Poly Foundation Board Member Goes Cross-Country, Raising Awareness of Men’s Health

Florida Polytechnic University is pleased to recognize one of its prominent Foundation Board members, Dr. Sijo Parekattil, Co-Director of the PUR clinic, for completing a remarkable cross-country “Drive for Men’s Health” road trip, raising awareness of men’s health issues. Their trip also helped raise financial support for men’s health research and the Florida Polytechnic University […]

Florida Polytechnic University Takes Significant Step Toward Accreditation

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University has been awarded “Candidacy for Accreditation” status by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), one of the nation’s leading accrediting bodies. University President Dr. Randy K. Avent shared the news with students, faculty and staff during a gathering at the Innovation, Science and Technology […]

Florida Poly Wins Prestigious Environmental Health & Safety Campus Award

LAKELAND, Fla. – Florida Polytechnic University has won a prestigious national health and safety award for developing a campus program that improves sustainability and recycling in its chemistry labs. The University’s Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) staff worked alongside students to design the “Reducing Waste in Chemical Labs” project which allows the waste for one […]

Florida Polytechnic University Elects New Chairman and Vice Chairman to the Board of Trustees

LAKELAND, Fla. – The Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees has appointed transportation executive Frank T. Martin as its new Board Chairman. Attorney Don Wilson has been appointed Vice Chairman. Both appointments are for two-year terms that run until 2018. “Florida Poly is known for recruiting and attracting the best and the brightest, and that […]

Director Looks At Safety From Every Angle

One of the most common phrases Renee Michel hears as the safety officer for Florida Polytechnic University is, “I didn’t think about that.” But looking at safety from every angle is what Renee does. That’s why there’s a special refrigerator in the lab that doesn’t create potentially explosive static discharge. It’s why the labs in […]

President-Designate Negron Hears from Florida Poly Students, Faculty and Administrators

Incoming Senate President Spends Time at Florida’s Newest University During 4-Day Statewide Tour Tallahassee–Florida Senate President-Designate Joe Negron (R-Stuart) visited Florida Polytechnic University as part of his 4-day listening tour of the State University System of Florida. Senator Negron requested a tour of the University’s iconic Innovation, Science and Technology Building and asked to hear […]

Top 5 Moments from the “The Sustainability Gap: What it Means for Future Generations”

Florida Polytechnic University’s most recent Google+ Hangout explored ways future generations can reduce the world’s consumption of natural resources by adopting green technologies. Leading the discussion “The Sustainability Gap: What is Means for Future Generations” was Assistant Professor of Chemistry Jaspreet Singh Dhau; Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Ryan Integlia; Assistant Professor of Physics, Sesha […]

Florida Poly Welcomes Three New Members to Board of Trustees

LAKELAND, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott has appointed three new members to the Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees. Phillip Dur, Henry McCance and Cliff Otto were all appointed to vacant seats for terms beginning March 24, 2016, and ending June 30, 2021. “Florida Poly is pleased to welcome these esteemed individuals to our Board […]

Five Types of People You Meet At a Hackathon

Florida Polytechnic University recently hosted its first student-led hackathon, which brought about 130 students from seven schools together. Their goal: spend 24 hours developing apps and software that tackle life’s most common problems. Some of the winners from the Florida Poly hackathon included an app to make life easier for people living with mental illness […]

Problem Solved: The Next to Identify a Solution

  When it comes to fishing apps, this is one you don’t want to get away. Identafish comes from the mind of sophomore Geoffrey Ruiz, who has been wielding a fishing rod since he was a toddler. He can tell you anything you want to know about the fishing holes around his native Lecanto, Fla. […]

Micro Power: The Next Gamechanger

Sometimes the smallest things hold the biggest impact. For Chris Dowdy and his classmates at Florida Polytechnic University, the key to unlocking new levels of sustainable energy can only be seen under a microscope. Chris’ research project focuses on a miniscule form of algae called diatoms. Diatoms come in literally thousands of forms and most […]

Fleet Dreams: The Next to Go Faster

Blink and you’ll miss him. Alberto Pinero Jr. has been zipping around on an electric bike since high school. The sleek, speedy bike was the result of hours of tinkering and research by a teenager fascinated by technology. When it came to picking a university that would foster and develop his passions, Florida Polytechnic University […]

Charging Forward: The Next Startup CEO

Be The Next: Startup CEO from Florida Poly on Vimeo. Don’t go into business with someone who is already a friend. Get comfortable with failing. Trust your gut. These are just a few of the lessons Mark Provenzano has learned from the roller coaster that is launching your own business. While there’s rarely an easy day […]

Future Poly Students Should Have Skate Expectations

One of the things you’ll notice immediately when you arrive at Florida Polytechnic University is an abundance of skateboards. They’re so popular, in fact, the Student Government Association had to install skateboard holders in classrooms and common areas across campus to contain them. The variety of skateboards is as diverse as the student population, from […]

Florida Poly Hosts Virtual Event to Introduce New Renewable Energy & Sustainability Course Available Fall 2016

Students at Florida Polytechnic University have an opportunity to sign up for an exclusive new course focused on renewable energy systems and sustainability. Available fall 2016, the course combines fundamental concepts and application with hands-on learning for creating sustainable and renewable energy technologies. Prospective and current students, faculty and the public are invited to learn […]

An Octopus’ Guide to Cybersecurity

  There is a lot students can learn about cybersecurity from an octopus. The underwater creatures are masters of mimicking their surroundings to both snag their next meal and stay hidden from predators. There’s an obvious application there for hackers snooping around a network, says Dr. Melba Horton, Assistant Professor of Biology at Florida Polytechnic […]