Accusoft and students connect in virtual campus visit

Jun 08, 2020
Virtual Accusoft visit
Daniel Febles ’19, shared his experiences as an Accusoft employee during the software development company’s virtual visit with Florida Polytechnic University students on Thursday, June 4.

Students eager to learn about the real-life experiences and expectations of software development professionals took advantage of a unique professional opportunity on Thursday, June 4.

Accusoft management and employees hosted a virtual campus visit in which Florida Polytechnic University students could ask about topics such as hiring, job duties, on-the-job learning, and the overall workplace environment. The students who attended probed for intel on topics large and small, receiving candid answers that shed light on their potential career plans.

“Get to know us for the opportunity of potential future employment,” Christian Brink, support manager at Accusoft, said to the group. “You have a very diverse and amazing team in front of you with a great background in the field you’ve chosen. It’s a great opportunity for you to have discussions with people you don’t typically have the opportunity to talk to.”

The Tampa, Florida, based company typically hosts a campus visit with standout students following the spring Career and Internship Fair at Florida Poly, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its necessary health restrictions made that impossible this year.

“We didn’t want to lose this engagement,” Brink said. “We want them to really get an idea of what it’s like being a software engineer. They’re going into this career and really want to know what the day-to-day is like because they aren’t sure if they’re going to be closed up in a basement or working with a team.”

It was an opportunity senior Aaron Apigo couldn’t resist.

“I wanted to learn what the team’s work was like, the environment and tools they work in, and how they grew from students to professionals,” said Apigo, a computer science major from Winter Haven, Florida. “The virtual visit soothed some of my worries and fears of if I can be successful in the industry.”

Pairris Jones, Florida Poly’s associate director of career services, said the event provided students an invaluable opportunity to make a real connection with a potential employer.

“I would like for our students to see that Accusoft has an amazing organizational culture that strives to continuously invest in their employees and presents them with opportunities to grow and evolve,” she said.

Dr. Kathryn Miller, Florida Poly’s vice provost of student affairs, said the company has long been supportive of the University’s efforts.

“Our relationship with Accusoft is the Florida Poly vision in action, a company working with Florida Poly to support the University in producing highly desirable graduates ready to contribute to and create new technology solutions,” she said.

Brink said Accusoft is happy in its strong relationship with Florida Poly and the quality of employees it has received from the University.

“Our expectations when we hire are probably a little more than most software engineering companies and we are constantly looking for people to grow into that level of engineering,” he said. “We need the higher-end individuals who are extremely dedicated to the craft and who have the capability to go into some of the higher-level computer software engineering topics that are out there.

“Florida Poly is a great source of these talented students.”


Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications