Five BOT Members Reappointed by Board of Governors

Jun 10, 2013

The Florida Board of Governors approved a recommendation by its Nominating and Development Committee to reappoint five members of our charter Board of Trustees in a conference call this afternoon.

The members are:

  • William M. Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harris Corporation;
  • Sandra Featherman Ph.D., President Emeritus of the University of New England;
  • Richard “Dick” Hallion, PhD., Retired Aerospace Analyst and Executive with the U.S. Air Force;
  • Frank T. Martin, Senior Vice President for Business Development – Transit and Rail for the Transportation Group Company of Atkins North America;
  • Don Wilson Esq., Attorney, Boswell & Dunlap, LLP.

State university board members are subject to confirmation by the Florida Senate. Because the Senate did not take action during the 2013 regular session of the legislature, the Board of Governors reappointed the five members who will continue to serve the university.

Florida Poly’s Board of Trustees was named in 2012 and must be confirmed within the first two legislative sessions immediately following their appointment. It is not unusual for board members to not be confirmed during their first legislative session.

Thirty-three trustees from other universities that were confirmed during the 2013 legislative session were not confirmed during their first session in 2012. As such, Florida Poly’s trustees will be considered for confirmation in 2014, their second session following their re-appointment.

Florida Poly is in a unique situation because it is a new institution and all 11 members of the board were appointed to their terms at the same time. More commonly, board members serve staggered terms and are not all appointed at once. The terms of trustees for Florida Poly will be staggered going forward.

“We are pleased that the Board of Governors reappointed our trustees today. Our board members are an impressive group of diverse individuals from around the state, and they each provide a different perspective. Their dedication and hard work have been immeasurable as they help us continue to shape Florida’s 12th state university,” said Ava Parker, Chief Operating Officer.

Florida Poly’s Board of Trustees is comprised of 11 members. The other six members were reappointed by Governor Rick Scott last month. Read more about our Board of Trustees.