Students find their place at Club Row

Aug 29, 2019
Students find their place at Club Row

Francisco Guerrero walked away from Club Row, an annual club membership event, with more connections than he knew what to do with.

“I want to better myself and get more involved here than I was in high school,” said Guerrero, a freshman computer science major from West Palm Beach, Florida. “This is really nice because I get to see what everyone has to offer and see what projects they’re working on.”

Club Row gave students the opportunity to interact with nearly 40 student organizations Aug. 27-28 at the Saddle Creek Logistics Commons in the Innovation, Science, and Technology Building. The event was hosted by the Student Government Association.

Groups present at the event included academic clubs, social clubs, and professional organizations. They represented interests as varied as anime, engineering, robotics, physics, faith, and diversity.

“It’s an amazing opportunity – you’d be a fool not to come,” said Jason Chua, a junior computer science major from Cooper City, Florida.

Chua represented the Media Club at the event and encouraged students to pursue their interest in the area.

“We love people who are experienced and want to have fun, but we’re also open to people who aren’t so experienced and want to learn,” Chua said. “I’m the film division leader and I love getting people interested and teaching them the ropes.”

He said Club Row provides an invaluable way for new students to get to know the campus and find the groups that align best with their interests and goals.

That’s exactly what freshman computer science major Ethan Marshall did during the first day of the event as he snaked his way through the tables of organizations offering companionship, candy, and professional opportunities.

“It’s really cool. I’ve signed up for tons of clubs; probably more than I’ll do,” he said. “I’m having a fun time.”

Sean Derfuss was excited to connect with so many people who were interested in learning more about Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, a faith-based campus organization.

“We’re trying to grow closer to people on campus so we can build lasting relationships,” said Derfuss, an Orlando native majoring in business analytics with a concentration in logistics and supply chain management. “I absolutely love the idea of Club Row. I love being able to see who is interested in clubs and get to talk with them rapid-fire.”

Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications