Big Picture: The Next To Expand Horizons

Tova Jones relies on more than books to gain knowledge.

Sure, classroom instruction at Florida Polytechnic University has given this sophomore greater understanding of science and technology. But nothing can replace the real-world experience that comes from internships and networking. Some past events Tova has attended include a weeklong Women’s Business Enterprise National Council conference and Emory University’s INROADS Leadership Summit.

“You get to hear amazing stories and expand your network,” Tova says.

This summer Tova, of Wellington, Fla., earned one of only two internships offered by UPS distribution centers in Florida. The position gave her a valuable look at the daily tasks of an engineer and the intangible qualities the position requires, like organization and flexibility. It also required her to find roommates and an apartment and learn how to handle adult tasks like paying bills and doing laundry. The summer challenged her in some unexpected ways, but Tova says she also grew professionally far more than if she had stayed home and found a “safe” job.

“I would recommend any student take a step outside his or her comfort zone. That’s where you’ll grow the most,” Tova says.  

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