Charging Forward: The Next Startup CEO

Be The Next: Startup CEO from Florida Poly on Vimeo.

Don’t go into business with someone who is already a friend.

Get comfortable with failing. Trust your gut.

These are just a few of the lessons Mark Provenzano has learned from the roller coaster that is launching your own business. While there’s rarely an easy day in the life of an entrepreneur, Mark has no regrets.

“It’s easy to get discouraged. But you stick with it, no matter what,” Mark says.

StratusCube is Mark’s latest venture. The business develops web applications and offers maintenance contracts to accompany them. A strong legal foundation and detailed business plan is driving the business now, but Mark credits the supercomputer at Florida Polytechnic University for his early success.

Mark, a big data Junior, and his business partner spent hours at the supercomputer trying out different business models. The server power to run those models is typically cost prohibitive for start-ups, so Mark is grateful for the access, along with the mentoring he received from his professor.

Juggling classes, a growing business and an internship keeps Mark more than busy. He doesn’t hold back when describing the challenges of making it all work. But it’s worth it in the end, Mark says.

“You tell yourself every day that you can meet your goals, then you go out and do it,” Mark says.

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