We’re Debunking Sci-Fi Myths: 5 Questions We’re Exploring at Florida Poly’s #STEMTalks

Florida Polytechnic University is hosting its spring edition of #STEMTalks, a Google+ Hangout, at 7 p.m. on February 4, 2016 titled, “Debunking Pop Culture Myths from Core Science Facts.” A panel of Florida Poly professors will discuss topics related to the science portrayed in movies like The Martian and Back to the Future.

Here are five questions we may explore with the Florida Poly panelists on Feb. 4 as they distinguish science fact from fiction in pop culture:

  1. Find out the truth behind ground-breaking inventions and science phenomenon in movies. Which of your favorite sci-fi movie feats are feasible, and which are just fantasy?
  2. If you’ve seen The Martian, you know (or you think you know) about growing crops on Mars. Can this really happen? Uncover the answer at the Google+ Hangout!
  3. Speaking of Mars, is it possible that we’ll ever be able to go there? Ask a professor what they think!
  4. October 21, 2015 is a date made famous by Back to the Future, yet we still don’t have flying cars. Why not? Is it possible? Get your answer from the panel.
  5. Ask our panelists about the logistics of drag racing in the “Fast and the Furious.” Is it possible to drag a bank vault as seen in the movie?

Do you have a question for the Florida Poly panel? Start tweeting your questions using the hashtag, #STEMTalks or ask directly on our event page.

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